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    Thrustmaster T-GT Review

    Very good review :) Like others I have to agree that the wheel is very overpriced. Thankfully I was able to get one at half price off ebay thanks to a news story on GTPlanet so thank you very much for that :) Completely agree that the force feedback on Project Cars 2 was a major disappointment...
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    PlayStation VR GT Sport Bundle Drops to $199

    It really is for me :) to be fair this is the first time I've played it so there is a wow factor just on how good the game is anyway. ;) But I easily spend hours at a time in there. It adds so much to the game to actually be right there in the world :)
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    PlayStation VR GT Sport Bundle Drops to $199

    It is considerably more than "being able to move your head around" The level of immersion is something that no TV could ever hope to match no matter the resolution. Playing Skyrim where you are actualy in a castle being attacked by a dragon instead of just watching that on a TV screen.....there...
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    Can you recall the moment GT hooked you?

    GT3. I had started the game a couple of times and not really been able to get into in. A good friend recommended I should start with the license tests. There was this one test at the start of trial mountain that I just couldn't get the gold time on, the car was fighting me at every turn. Then...
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    Polyphony Digital Has No Plans for a Gran Turismo 7

    Wow! If my maths isn't too rusty you've paid $1,800.00 for one game. That must be one hell of a game :(
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    (Poll)Despite the lack of a ordinary campaign mode, will you still be getting Gran Turismo Sport?

    Honestly I would buy this even if it was only the Beta. I had so much fun playing that :) No doubt in my mind that the full game will be more than worth it.
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    Gran Turismo Sport: General Discussion

    You seem to be operating on the misguided impression that a few posters on GTPlanet are in some way reflective of how the general public perceive a game. I would truly love to see you applying for a position in PR for a game developer. "Yeah my marketing plan for your new game....we should...
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    Gran Turismo Sport: General Discussion

    And do Call of Duty and Destiny release all their information in one big data dump in one day......or do they release it piece by piece so that people keep talking about their games right up to release? Would gamestop be releasing videos showing off the Livery editor if PD had given all that...
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    Gran Turismo Sport: General Discussion

    Yeah....I can't imagine why any developer would want to release information on their game a little at a time leading up to release so the game keeps staying at the top of gaming site news feeds as more and more information about more and better features gets released. They should just dump all...
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    GT Sport Release Dates October 17-19. 2017

    It isn't. They have to do it that way because without looking at the comparison on a HDR monitor both images would look the same. So instead they dumb down the none HDR image to give an impression of the difference.
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    Q&A with Slightly Mad Studios: Ian Bell [Read OP]

    Apologies if this has already been asked but just one question from me :) Will you have support for PSVR?
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    GT Sport Scheduled for 'Kinda Funny' Panel at PlayStation Experience This Weekend

    They should have asked Torgo and the PSNation team. Longest running PlayStation podcast and Torgo is a long time fan of the series. He's spoken about it many times on his show.
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    Gran Turismo Sport: General Discussion

    He said there is damage in the game it just wasn't used during this event.
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    Thrustmaster T300RS Racing Wheel Thread

    Thank you :) GTPlanet....a better resource that Thrustmasters own tech support.
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    Thrustmaster T300RS Racing Wheel Thread

    Does anybody know if a set of T500RS pedals will work with this wheel. I emailed Thrustmaster tech support 3 days ago to ask them and apparently they can't be bothered to answer :(
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    The Project CARS Video Thread

    Sorry that the quality isn't compression and all that. Was having fun setting up a new graphics card so I could play this with a decent frame rate. Love the lighting effects they have with the sun through the trees :)
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    Update 1.10 Discussion

    So I can paint my brake calipers but I still cant take part in an actual endurance race......😖
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    Red Bull Ring

    As close as I expect a PS3 simulation of a track to look to real life yes :)
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    The Thrustmaster T500RS Thread

    Except unlike the Bodin load cell mod you can actually buy this one. I have never once seen the Bodin in stock.
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    Endurance Racing in Offline

    The 4-6 hour races were a perfect length but I would like to see the 24 hour races return please. My dream is the 4 hour Nurburgring with dynamic weather.