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  1. Outeke

    Who do you miss? Formerly active gtp user who disappeared ...

    I'm here!!!!! And if we yell hard enough, I bet @Monatsende the Monkey-King would also awake... And not to forget @JK83 👍
  2. Outeke

    Your Favorite Car in GT6?

  3. Outeke

    How often do you play Gran Turismo? [with Poll]

    I don't play GT anymore....after doing GT5 for 2,5 years, GT6 (GT5.5) was just TOO boring to play. Managed to get to 100% 4 times...(each update lowered my total percentage!?!?) I do miss it...maybe GT7 brings back the interest to actually play it again.
  4. Outeke

    Bosley Mark I G/T 1953

    Me too, and leave the 'almost' out. I vote on ALL of them! :-)
  5. Outeke

    Aston Martin Vantage GT12 2015

    Love the details of this beauty! And as Sir M said, welcome back StarLight 👍 👍
  6. Outeke

    Nissan Juke Nismo RSnow Concept 2015

    Awesome car, would love to take a drive through Finland with this one :)
  7. Outeke

    Spa-Franchorchamps with snow

    Do they have races on snow on SPA?
  8. Outeke

    Volkswagen Polo (Mk5F) R WRC 2015

    Since PD got a 'special' relationship with Red Bull, they should include every race car that got a RB livery! Voted!
  9. Outeke

    Gumpert Apollo S 'IronCar' by 2M-Designs 2014

    Very nice modification. Hope PD doesn't ban you for it 👍 👍
  10. Outeke

    Gumpert Apollo S 'IronCar' by 2M-Designs 2014

    As if everybody loves a ball of yarn :D Voted for this good looking car.
  11. Outeke

    HST Gordini Dakar "Robby Gordon" 2015

    Indeed like Cbarbosa said....looking awesome! Voted! :)
  12. Outeke

    Holiday Hackers.........Love'em or Hate'em

    I really liked the reason that they gave: "Now kids (young and old) have to spend time with their family"....HAHAHA
  13. Outeke

    Do you still support PD?

    Best wishes for 2015! And no, GT7 is not on my wishlist for the future. I'll keep an eye out when it get's released and what is included and not. Not gonna buy a game again that has features on the disk cover which are NOT in the game.... GT5 I played for about 3 years, on a daily base. GT6...
  14. Outeke

    Chevrolet Corvette SR2 Sebring Racer 1956

    Typically a new years eve suggestion. A car with a rocket :) Happy new year to all of you and to the dedicated SLG team!
  15. Outeke

    Italdesign Giugiaro Brivido Race Car Concept 2012

    Very nice car and the livery suits it well.
  16. Outeke

    Ferrari 126 C2 1982

    Funny to see how design changed over the years. Here they where still sitting (almost) on top of the front tires 👍 Voted!
  17. Outeke

    Hyundai IED Passocorto 2014

    Great orange color 👍
  18. Outeke

    Alfa Romeo Giulia 1600 Sport Pininfarina Coupe 1965

    So what is your problem? It feels like your jealous that I vote mainly on StarLight's Garage. I'm proud that I live in a free world, where I have the option to vote on any car I want to vote on. If that's because of the car I like or just because it's the friend who suggested it, that is all up...
  19. Outeke

    Alfa Romeo F12 Minibus 1970

    Fantastic car 👍 👍
  20. Outeke

    Spyker 60HP 4WD Grand Prix Racer 1903

    Fantastic to have this included in the StarLight Garage!! Sorry for the laaaate voting, now up to 1000 votes. Did Kaz vote on any of them?? :) Cheers :cheers: