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  1. Cherokee


    I got yesterday the Speed Champions Audi Quattro. Will build it today.
  2. Cherokee

    The Euro Truck Simulator Video Thread

    Just noticed some sort of carmeet in the Promods map. It is in La Junquera, after the border of France with Spain. Its just a fast clip, so nothing special.
  3. Cherokee

    The "Euro Truck Simulator"-series Thread.

    Installed and tried Promods a few days ago. Must say I am impressed, was an absolute game changer for me.
  4. Cherokee


    Got the Speed Champions F40 too. Kept it Competitione at the moment. Also got the Nascar Camaro, will upload the pictures in another moment.
  5. Cherokee


    I have build after ages a Lego Technic set again. Agreed it isnt the prettiest set arround, but it was pretty fun to ensemble. I also noticed I lost practice in building, because it took me several hours to complete.
  6. Cherokee

    GTPlanet Scale model thread

    After a long while I got myself an 1:18 scale car again. That colour is just gorgeous.
  7. Cherokee


    Bougt my girl an First Order Heavy Assault Walker for christmas. She likes ATAT´s ands similar walkers a lot, so I got her the big one as a gift. It was the biggest Lego set we ever build, but it was really fun and a nice challenge. Will upload a few pictures once I made som decent ones.
  8. Cherokee


    Here is a fast picture of all. The deLorean is a bit of a intruder there.
  9. Cherokee


    Finally found the Speed Champions Ford GT set. With those my Ford collection is complete.
  10. Cherokee

    Logitech G29 / G920 Driving Force Racing Wheel

    Do you remember how many time it took until that sound got away?
  11. Cherokee

    Logitech G29 / G920 Driving Force Racing Wheel

    That's true. But it was a good sale and my idea was to initially replace my 27 with something newer. Lets see, if Amazon sends me an value voucher I maybe will buy something different.
  12. Cherokee

    Logitech G29 / G920 Driving Force Racing Wheel

    Got one a few weeks ago (G29) on Amazon Prime days. After three days of use I got a pretty ugly squeal turning to the left, so I ordered a replacement from Amazon. Once the second arrived, it did exactly the same, straght out of the box. As far I read in the web, it is a pretty common issue...
  13. Cherokee

    Nintendo Switch

    After thinking about it a few times, I got mine saturday, with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Poken tournament for my girfriend. Have to say the handheld and tabletop console conversion is very well thought out. Really liking it so far.
  14. Cherokee


    Bought yesterday two Speed Champions kits. The 1968 Mustang and the Fiesta WRC. Will post some pics once I can make some decent ones.
  15. Cherokee

    Solution to Missing Preorder Bonuses

    Anyone got the safety cars and the Peugeot? I don´t have them and bought the collectors edition.
  16. Cherokee

    Show off your latest purchase!

    Two days ago i made a combo buy. An used ASUS 1070 GTX Turbo, from a coworker, because he got an 1080, and GT Sport Collectors Edition.
  17. Cherokee

    Does the PC version have to be downloaded?

    As far I know, there wasn`t a disc version for forza Horizon 3 for PC, so I guess it will be the same for FM7 and it will be download only.
  18. Cherokee

    What TV Will You Play GT Sport With?

    I will play on a 43" Samsung with 4K and HDR, but wont use those features on GT Sport because a have a normal PS4 and don`t plan to upgrade to a PS4 Pro.
  19. Cherokee

    GT Sport- Pre order thread

    Just preordered the collectors edition this morning. Maybe it won`t be a full GT title, but I think its worth.
  20. Cherokee

    Forza Motorsport 7 PC Specs Unveiled

    Same, but with a 970 GTX. Should be fine for ultra settings at 1080.