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  1. xcsti

    What games did you get the most out of?

    I agree with the diablo 2 comments. I still fire it up every once in a while to keep my 86 sorc from being deleted. On a similar note WOW is the friggin best game ever. Its pretty much DII in true 3d and in the warcraft world. As I play I realize how much they've recycled from DII, alot of...
  2. xcsti

    euro vs american suspension

    The Rx-8 is none of those but still handles great. It has a pretty big suspension travel.
  3. xcsti

    Should I post this or not ?...

    Because he's lying. There is nooooooo way he put that much cash into the car.
  4. xcsti

    the exotic car photo gallery v2- hit list!

    I've seen a few de tomaso's and I live in an area which doesn't have very many really nice cars.
  5. xcsti

    Wiesmann GT Coupe 2006 - Lotsa Words - Pic at bottom

    Everything is nice but the front end. :yuck:
  6. xcsti

    2007 BMW M3 spyshots at Nurburing

    Looks nicer then I thought it would, though the nose takes a slant that I"m not sure whether I like or not.
  7. xcsti

    Music Listen to My Song!

    Ahh I forgot to mention that dream theater has a whole album that is supposed to be one song.
  8. xcsti

    Drunk Idiot Destroys Enzo

    Eww, bjork is the lesser or two evils.
  9. xcsti

    Music Listen to My Song!

    I'm not a fan of the vocals but then again I'm not a fan of vocals in general. Very good outside of that.
  10. xcsti

    Tequila/Mezcal... Lime or Lemon?

    Well because the lime tree flowers, I don't think it needs to have seeds in the fruit or something along those lines. Edit:wait, every flowering plant creates fruit. I guess the seeds might be so tiny that you don't notice them. That or they have...
  11. xcsti

    Flexible wings

    I don't think they'll ever make aero parts that don't make any motion whatsoever, they just need to dictate how much is acceptible.
  12. xcsti

    The Great Top Gear Video Archive

    I was talking about's google decoder.
  13. xcsti

    Ford revives plans for Hemi-fighter

    Hemi's were kind of the skyline gtr of the muscle car era. In reality they weren't horribly great but they had immense potential if tuned and modified.
  14. xcsti

    How the Rest of the World Views the United States

    Our education is trash. Noone can fail, even if they get a zero teachers and administrators will pass them so as to not screw them selves over on funding. Exceptionally good students aren't challenged at all. I made it through high school with high ninetees without lifting a pen out side of...
  15. xcsti

    Ricey or Racey?

    I've been in sooooo many discussions here where that went through my head.
  16. xcsti


    Well I don't think displacement has as much significance in highly tuned turbo cars then it does in stock form. The more important things that I see are the ability to take boost and the ability to rev high. I think they can overcome a difference in size as long as it isn't a huge one. Your...
  17. xcsti


    A longer stroke allows for more torque. Drag cars with long strokes have huge amounts of torque especially when compared to an f1 car that has a very short stroke and wide bore, which helps making high rpm. The evo was designed originally for rally homologation. Most rally cars need to produce a...
  18. xcsti

    2005 Nissan Nismo Skyline GT-R Z-Tune Vs. 2006 Chevrolet Corvette Z06

    I think the z-tune would win but it would be close. I agree that the z06 tuned slightly could wallop the z-tune though.
  19. xcsti

    2006 Morgan Aero 8 (Subtle changes, don't expect drastic overhaul)

    The gear nob just looks out of place in the interior. I don't think I'd ever even consider a morgan but they are nice cars.
  20. xcsti

    A "Super-V" Cadillac series?

    Mallet makes a tuner cts-v right. Why not use them? There American too I believe.