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  1. snowgt

    Formula One Set to Debut New Sprint Qualifying Format This Season

    It's worse. There's a qualfying (Q1) for a qualfying (Q2) for a qualfying (Q3) for a qualfying race for the race. I actually think it's going to make it really boring, because everyone gets the same tyres by definition for every session. Also, everyone is getting only 2 tyre sets for the main...
  2. snowgt

    2021 World Endurance Championship

    Because the terms "GT3" and "GT2" are trademarks. SRO realised that "GT2" was still available at the time, so they took it. Speed-wise it's between GT3 and GT4. Here's an article about it. Link "Eligible GT2 cars will feature a 2-1 weight to power ratio, limited aerodynamic developments...
  3. snowgt

    2021 World Endurance Championship

    The name "GT2" is deceptive. The GT2-cars are slower than the GT3 cars. They have less aero and are generally much closer to road cars.
  4. snowgt

    Sony Drops Another Hint at Gran Turismo 7 Release Date, But It's Still TBC

    Well, it looks like they are going to sell all the PS5's they are capable of producing this year anyway, so there's no real rush to release GT7, even if it was going to be ready in the next 6 weeks. My money would be on a spring release, when they will gladly use GT7 as an added incentive to get...
  5. snowgt

    Poll: Do you think PD should release 2 Gran Turismo games every console generations?

    It's quite simple. If there are no fundamental design flaws in the first installment, they can just keep updating that version. Making a second game would then just cost too many resources that could go into perfecting the already released game. On the other hand, if the basic concept of the...
  6. snowgt

    GT Sport Update 1.59 Arrives, Adds Mazda RX-Vision GT3

    And given 21 bhp more. It's therefore probably closer to the performance envelope of the other cars now.
  7. snowgt

    GT Sport Update v1.53 Arrives, Adds Laguna Seca, Ford GT and More

    I just noticed that the all the safety cars have different (stiffer) suspension settings compared to the standard versions. Everything else seems to be the same (apart from the lower top speed because of the higher drag). Of course, this may have been a known fact for ages. I just never...
  8. snowgt

    Complete Guide/Rewards - Lewis Hamilton Time Attack Challenge

    By the way, I found Nordschleife in the C9 quite easy once you set TC to 1. That makes 2nd gear usable and gains you a lot of time on LH out of the tighter corners. If you know the track, that was definitely the easiest for me so far.
  9. snowgt

    Complete Guide/Rewards - Lewis Hamilton Time Attack Challenge

    I think the way to diamond times is simply an iterative process. First, you do a couple of laps to see what your natural speed is, but once you know the approximate markers for your breaking points, you try to get closer and closer to (or be ahead of) the ghost through T1. Then repeat with T2...
  10. snowgt

    Lewis Hamilton TT, worth the money or not?

    At first I thought this was just paying real money for in game credits, so I was opposed to the principle, but then curiosity got the better of me. After having so far golded 6 and diamonded 2, I guess I’m at the very point where this DLC has its sweet spot. The goal is probably achievable, but...
  11. snowgt

    Lewis Hamilton Time Trial DLC Coming to GT Sport, With Exclusive Rewards

    I doubt that they will be adding exclusive cars in groups used by Sport mode, as this might give drivers that buy the DLC an advantage, if the BoP is only slightly in those cars’ favour.
  12. snowgt

    Update Next Week - October 31

    You have already had that almost since release. (F-150)
  13. snowgt

    Gran Turismo Sport at Two: Still In Its Prime

    I disagree with the article in the sense that the car categories would be a problem per se. Actually, they could work a lot better, if some relatively small changes were made. Let's take the example with N400 cars BMW M3 and Ford F150. The current BoP does what it can do with the Ford. It gets...
  14. snowgt

    Toyota Supra survey, get new Nurburgring Supra livery and Gr.4 car in December

    Can't help but think that the cars on that list are all either already done or in the making. Otherwise, why would you ask, if you would like a one-make series with them? If everyone told them the same car, and they hadn't yet planned for it, it would probably take upwards of a year to get it in...
  15. snowgt

    BOP amongst a car class

    It’s so inaccurate that it hardly deserves to be called BoP. That’s if you were talking about the N-classes.
  16. snowgt

    La Festa Cavallino (ferrari)

    Who says that Enzo isn’t tuned to N800 or so...?
  17. snowgt

    La Festa Cavallino (ferrari)

    Did Sardegna clean in an N300 F50, only gearbox changes on SS tyres. Found it impossible in the same configuration on wet Tokyo though. Too many LaFerraris and Enzos blasting by on the straight. You lose something like 7 seconds there alone and it’s kind of hard to make that up through the...
  18. snowgt

    Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus Reveals its 2020 Le Mans Hypercar

    I absolutely agree. Actually the error seems to come from the Wikipedia page of the SCG003, where a quote is referring to a article. In that article it says that the 24h lap time was 8:15, but somehow they derive 6:33 as a fictitious lap time for the Nordschleife only...
  19. snowgt

    Live Stream: FIA Gran Turismo Championships New York World Tour

    So, just to put this in context. There's 2 cars going at 300kph through a flat out corner nose to tail and the one ahead intentionally lifts. What would happen in real life and what penalty would the driver get?