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  1. RedBaron

    Gran Turismo 7: Latest news and discussion thread (Delayed)

    If they could set realistic game size then it can be released in december. If they let their heads in the clouds as always, there will be ton of further features, but none will be polished enough and game will release with three years delay.
  2. RedBaron

    Which ONE PD original track would you realise if given unlimited funds?

    Deep Forrest, Citta Di Aria, Costa Di Amalfi, Eiger Nordwand, El Capitan, Midfield, Grand Valley, Apricot Hill. And especially Eiger Nordwand and Seattle with those big jumps. Car landings there could really reveal how accurate the game physics actually is.
  3. RedBaron

    Your most wanted feature for GT7?

    Dynamic daytime and weather AI Races with total customisation (every single car of racing pack and their strengths would be set by mine) Return of all prescious tracks from past - Citta Di Aria, Costa di Amalfi, Eiger Nordwand, Deep Forest Return of RUF CTR Yellowbird
  4. RedBaron

    GTS vs GT6 - Cars comparison

    They just used the wrong diecast car for modelling :-)
  5. RedBaron

    GT Sport Demo Replay Footage Blowout: Interlagos, Kyoto, and More

    If someone can say that THIS: is any similar to THIS: then deafness is certainty. Getting better in single percents is not good when newest GT sounds on 30 percent now. Not when there are games that are already at 60% of recreating how real car sounds.
  6. RedBaron

    GT Sport Demo Replay Footage Blowout: Interlagos, Kyoto, and More

    Glad I haven't jumped on another GT and another PS machine just for it. It's still that vacuum cleaner simulator with physics worse and worse, weird concept of photo locations, cars and tracks from past missing instead of raising their count... Bye GT.
  7. RedBaron

    First GT Sport Tokyo Expressway Night Gameplay Footage

    It's still GT4 AI and physics wise. Cars act like bricks and collisions that would be fatal in real life are just common contact during gameplay here :-(
  8. RedBaron

    C9 or 787b

    If Sauber had the real V8 sound, it would be on par. But Mazda 787B is legend and sounds so much better, so twice the experience...
  9. RedBaron

    Air density from temp is calculated in GT6

    Details like air density are calculated, but whole aerodynamics and top speeds for many wehicles are wrong? 😖
  10. RedBaron

    Mclaren F1

    7:50 is real laptime of M3 CSL which is shopping cart compared to McLaren F1. With today tyres I'd guess F1 is capable to do ring in something like 7:15 - 7:25, highly depending on balls of pilot that can turn off his brain in very rare 8 Mio Ł car (as sold Rowan Atkinson his twice crashed one...
  11. RedBaron

    Chances of Porsche in GT6

    $20 Porsche expansion pack for GT6 / GT7 would the best gift from PD and it would pay themselves every penny for EA fees. It's just mystery for me that pack never been created, other than MS paid EA even more for absence of Porsche in GT series. Even then, there's certainly the sideway to go -...
  12. RedBaron

    Best sounding cars in gran turismo 6

    787B has one of the best sounds in GT, but still so distorted, so little bass, very short sound sample you can hear looping in higher rpm, with fakey sounding upshifts and especially downshifts. This is two levels higher sound work.
  13. RedBaron

    Choose 1 Standard to be made Premium

    RUF CTR Yellowbird.
  14. RedBaron

    Round 2: Best Presentation: GT5 Prologue vs GT6

    GT5P is far more appealing with showcase of car in beautiful places. But PS3 is short of memory and therefore the biggest nonsence in GUI is now present in GT6 even after stripdown - inability to change player's car when circuit is loaded. It's necessary to unload the circuit and get back to...
  15. RedBaron

    Feedback of a steering wheel

    It could be car mass that reaches tyre limit through the corners. In real BMW's the wheel in center position is always lighter and not so responsive and depending on plain servo or servotronic system the power steering stiffens with higher revs or with car speed. Nuances that...
  16. RedBaron

    1 lap magic kind of races

    One and only tool from PD that cures this and many other wishes would be offline event creator with many options, possibility of making exact opponents with particular cars equiped with particular tyres, handicaps, track sections etc. That's still one of the very missing features of GT...
  17. RedBaron

    Any guesses on why the Viziv GT sounds so darn good?

    Nothing from PD is synthetised yet. Still samples, this time few too distorted and few really right chosen are doing their job pretty well on Viziv sounds. I don't thing distortion is the way, the sample quality and quantity and good transitions between them is the way. Samples for opened and...
  18. RedBaron

    Update 1.14 has Arrived! M4, Revamped Suzuka, Community Features

    I love opinions talking about more wind noise in cockpit. That was great thing when driving Vette Z06 on HSR in GT5P and lacking in both GT5/6.
  19. RedBaron

    Update 1.14 has Arrived! M4, Revamped Suzuka, Community Features

    This is so stupid, 24 km Nürburgring can have 24h cycle and little suzuka can't? :irked:
  20. RedBaron

    GT6 Screenshots / Videos