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  1. waynz

    Race director needs tweaking (or killing)

    Best approach to this is to head to a private test session and deliberately drive into these "grey" areas. It will take a while for this trial and error method but at least you'll know where you can and cannot drive.
  2. waynz

    Leaderboard/Ghost Suggestion

    Frustrating and annoying with this. Frustrating because I can't post Formula Rookie times without being drowned by Formula X/A and annoying because on PC they have leaderboards for EACH CAR INDIVIDUALLY! This happened in Pcars1 and it is something SMS needs to patch for consoles.
  3. waynz

    Favourite multi-class combinations?

    Not sure about favourite MC but last night I used Road G and LMP900 around Brands Hatch Indy, that was fun.
  4. waynz

    Aussie iRacers

    Is it BYO bananas :cheers::mischievous: EDIT: Inside bender joke
  5. waynz

    Racing Car Super Lap: Matterhorn Rotenboden

    1:24.055 at the moment running last TT's tune with a shortened gear box. Could get quicker if I grew a pair and attacked the kerbs a little harder. :indiff:
  6. waynz

    VW VI R is not a good car

    Practice the 'slow in fast out' technique and it should come alive. I find all 4WD suffer a little 'push' when thrashed a little too hard.
  7. waynz

    Open X1 On Zahara Challenge

    5:21.022 after 2 laps. My brain hurts :indiff:
  8. waynz


    I got a 1987 Ruf Yellowbird :cheers: ... Even though I was born in 1986 :odd:. I missed out on the '86 Audi Rally Quattro :indiff: .
  9. waynz

    What's Your Racing Number?

    I have #32 on all cars, it's even my number on iRacing. I've liked it ever since I was a child, just one of those numbers that stuck.
  10. waynz

    Iracing Nascar Cost?

    Once you become part of the 100% club, every new content comes with a lovely 30% discount. :)
  11. waynz

    Did you beat Senna's record: post your best time.

    A little late to the party but here is my times. Stage 1: 0:57.823 Stage 2: 0:42.191 Stage 3 Monza: 1:19.820 (Love this time trial) Stage 4 Brands Hatch: 1:06.900 (This can die in a hell fire)
  12. waynz

    Cars with a working KERS style system (like the Nissan 2020 VGT)?

    Perhaps KERS is a bad word to describe what is actually happening here. The system is more of a over-boost, it will deliver a boost from the battery because it is essentially a hybrid. The surge of energy that happens what you press the assigned button for nitro has no effect is what I meant.
  13. waynz

    Cars with a working KERS style system (like the Nissan 2020 VGT)?

    The KERS system only works when fuel and tyre depletion is on. So in seasonals and offline practice the car runs off battery power only.
  14. waynz

    Why the short lifespan of seasonal races?

    This probably is the solution of research and investigations. They probably track how often these races get run once completed. You would find that seasonal races get abandoned quicker than time or drift trails. On 200% Red Bull standard championship nets millions in less than a hour. Senna...
  15. waynz

    Noob driver I guess...

    Welcome to GTP. This 👍. Another tip is to download replays of best laps (leader from a seasonal events) and compare your time and his in the Data Logger to see where he is braking and when he gets on the throttle compared to yourself. Also important to keep in mind that corner exit's are...
  16. waynz

    Update 1.06 Discussion

    Not directed at any single person. Just browsing and lurking these threads and most comments have been anything but useful.
  17. waynz

    Update 1.06 Discussion

    The hatred towards this game that gets posted on this site is madness. Do you think PD don't listen to you guys anymore is because they are sick to death about being flamed daily? No constructive feedback is posted, just hate. On topic. 1.06 is obviously targeted to the online rooms, which is...
  18. waynz

    GT6 Harder?

    They have made the gold times harder. Only assuming because the majority are using SRF and getting gold isn't considered a challenge. So they adjusted it with SRF in mind.
  19. waynz

    Finished EVO Vs WRX Time Attack 16/3

    Hello all, This Sunday after the Formula 1's I'll be hosting a Time Trial room, being my first TT what better way to kick things off but with a classic JDM rivalry. Date: Sunday 16th March Room Open: 7:45PM AEST / 8:45AM GMT / 4:45AM EDT Green Flag: 8:00PM AEST / 9:00AM GMT / 5:00AM EDT...
  20. waynz

    Network Incompatibility has me ticked off

    Just one of the things you have to put up with thanks to non-dedicated servers. If it continues run a connection test, restart your PS3 or restart your modem then try connecting.