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  1. Xride92

    Laguna Seca Confirmed for This Week's GT Sport Christmas Update

    As the newest Ford GT will come next week after having had several updates including older GT40s, I guess PD is picking carefully any popular cars from each brands and models for its updates so we can get hyped moderately at every updates while having less popular cars still appreciated by...
  2. Xride92

    GT Sport's Alsace Village Track Revealed in New Preview Video

    From what we've seen about this track so far, I also found it a little bit disappointing. The environement is sorely lacking of elements that remind us villages aspects, such as tiny buildings, french road signs and especially NARROWER streets so it could bring more charm and life to it. But...
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    Gran Turismo Sport: General Discussion

    Hyundai Genesis Coupe Gr. 3 confirmed 👍
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    Gran Turismo Sport: General Discussion

    Yes, that's what I meant.
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    Gran Turismo Sport: General Discussion

    Probably because this car isn't modelled yet.
  6. Xride92

    Gran Turismo Sport - Master Car List

    If the presentation's brand list corresponds to the final list, it would be great in the sense that RUF may finally have the first super premium car in GT series. Nonetheless, I hope Kaz is not going to forget Koenigsegg !
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    Vision GT Photo Thread

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    The lotus thread

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    American Muscle

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    Toyota/ Lexus Photography

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    Aston Martin DP-100 Vision Gran Turismo – Unveiled 27/06/14.

    I hope that we can reproduce the Gulf livery !
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    VW GOLF Vision GT

    That GTI could be nice without the rearwing :drool:
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    VW GOLF Vision GT

    About it, I bet the car will have a roof on.
  14. Xride92

    3 things you want to see fixed/improved in GT7

    1) Fix car categories (I dont't want to see supercars vs Le Mans Prototypes but with their real competitors (ex : Zonda R, One-77) or rally Cars vs Touring cars ) 2) Improved AI 3) Improved sounds (collisions, engine, tires)
  15. Xride92

    GT6-Garage (all cars database/ gallery) 19th November UPDATE!

    There is a problem on the thumbnail picture for Nissan cars that has a picture of the BMW Vision GT Concept ;) But you've done a good job with quality pictures + the detailed specs, impressive work ! It allows us to see another angle the richness of content that GT6 offer.
  16. Xride92

    Bmw M6 shown in bmw GT vision design process video

    I will not be surprised to see the M6 coming to GT6, the BMW M6 as well as the BMW M5 (F10) with "Gran Turismo 6" license plates were presents at many events (15th May 2013 Silverstone, December La Ronda GT6 Launch Day) And the reflections reminds me of the "studios renders" from GT6. Pictures...
  17. Xride92

    top 20 cars you want to see premium from gt5 standards cars

    1. Renault Clio V6 Phase 2 '03 2. Jaguar XFR '10 3. BMW M3 '01 & M3 CSL '03 4. Aston Martin Vanquish '04 5. Honda NSX '01 6. Toyota SUPRA RZ '97 7. Toyota GT-ONE Race Car '98 8. Subaru Impreza Coupé 22B STi-Version '98 9. Pagani Zonda C12 '00 10. Audi R8 Race Car '01 11. Mini Cooper 1.3i '98 12...
  18. Xride92

    "This should be a premium" cars & missing GEMS

    So that other compain afterwards? Why not simply add cars? Okay I find your list of forgotten cars really good (would give a more varied content to the list), but PD didn't have the same priorities, PD can make the game as they want. They have their preferences, which are not necessarily the...
  19. Xride92

    24 Minutes of ... , what a joke!

    I feel that Endurance races will comes along with the B-spec update, because use B-spec just for short races makes no sense IMO.