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  1. beezball

    Gran Turismo 7: How Trial Mountain Has Changed

    I understand the changes for online and competative races, but it would be awful nice if the classic geometry version were in the single player mode.
  2. beezball

    What are your realistic expectations in terms of visuals and audio simulation in GT7?

    My expectation is that it will look and sound better that GTS. Is that specific enough?
  3. beezball

    IndyCar iRacing Challenge Ends in Collisions and Controversy

    It's so stupid. Too tier levels of stupid. I already dislike e-sports, but have really enjoyed most of these IRL races since it was all real racers and it was possible to suspend disbelief with none of the normal virtual courage. This just flushed all the prior races in the toilet. Pagenaud will...
  4. beezball

    Bloodhound LSR - the 1,000mph car project

    Did I miss the headline last year when Lawrence Stroll bought racing point for 2.5 BILLION dollars? Somehow I think the writers math is off slightly... by several orders of magnitude.
  5. beezball

    World's Fastest Gamer Runner-Up Freek Schothorst to Make Formula Renault Debut

    I guess we'll have to stop calling them aliens now and start calling them freeks.
  6. beezball

    Trak Racer FS3 Wheel Stand Review

    Would a T150 mount? It doesn't have hard mount points for some reason.
  7. beezball

    GT Sport 24H Race at Catalunya Announced — Is the Track Coming to the Game?

    I hope they are running the game on an ironclad PS4. It'd suck to have one of the consoles crash. Maybe run the PS4 version on a PS4 Pro so it's not so taxing.
  8. beezball

    Inside Sim Racing Reviews Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer

    I've been wanting a T300RS, but since I'm in the market and then this comes out and seems to be much smoother, then I'm clearly a little PC jealous. Maybe they'll announce a PS4 compatible version alongside GTS. It would be in line for them to do so.
  9. beezball

    Inside Sim Racing Reviews Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer

    My question is will it work with PS4 and or PS3. My assumption is no, based on the clear avoidance of the topic. I need something a little more universally supported than just PC.
  10. beezball

    GTPlanet Celebrates 15 Years Online: Thank You!

    Well done. You do a heck of a job.
  11. beezball

    What manufacturer will you represent?

    I'm a big Lotus guy, so definitely them.
  12. beezball

    Track Request Thread - Post the tracks you want to see!

    That's what I was thinking.
  13. beezball

    Track Request Thread - Post the tracks you want to see!

    Sochi is the next F1 race, I'd love to give that a go to learn the track more. They just announced it'll change to a night race like Singapore. It'd be awesome to be able to place lights in the app for night racing.
  14. beezball

    Adjust length of home straight

    Huge sticking point. I want to plot out my neighborhood, all fine and dandy except this... And elevation of course. Hopefully there are a lot of updates forthcoming. It's certainly a great start, but not conducive to making detailed recreations, which is what everyone wants to do!
  15. beezball

    Formula 1 F1 Caption Game - Archive Thread

    I just saw Monday the 18th and missed the time bit.
  16. beezball

    Formula 1 F1 Caption Game - Archive Thread

    So much for my first try at this...
  17. beezball

    Formula 1 F1 Caption Game - Archive Thread

    "You're scent is intoxicating today, like a field of edelweiss."
  18. beezball

    Quick-Match concept

    While I really like the concept (except not picking cars...), it very clearly has rubber banding, and I simply can't do that. I love the rest of the update.