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    GT Sport Photos

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    Share your drift edits

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    The Scapes Photos Thread

    Thank you. Sure, go right ahead.
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    Looking for Drifters for Cinematic

    Hi. I'm honestly interested and like your style. Used to do quite similar videos a while back. My PSN is The_Ashen_Crow.
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    New drift team [TEAM FLAT-OUT]

    Hello, recently got PS+ and would like to join, very new to online (PSN: The_Ashen_Crow). My car of choice would be the Fugu Z. I'm using a controller if that's fine. Do you have a track list in mind? I usually fine tune setups for each track.
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    Driveclub Photo Thread *Read OP*

    Night rider Sakura road
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    The GT Sport Photo Mode Competition 26 (Viva l’Italia) - CLOSED

    FINAL ENTRY Would've called this "Italiana" since italian cars, scape, flag... but that would sound weird.
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    GT Sport - Trailers, Videos and Screenshots

    Yep, photo mode. Holding down the touch pad for fullscreen while moving it around.