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  1. MChapp1867

    F1 2021 General Discussion Thread

    Enjoying the game, but just started a driver career and the bump in difficulty from Bahrain to Barcelona seemed absolutely insane. Put together a half decent race at Bahrain, finishing 14th in a Williams and generally being competitive with the other drivers at that end of the grid all race...
  2. MChapp1867

    F1 2021 General Discussion Thread

    How are these games on controller? Do most of you guys plays with wheels or are the F1 games still good on controller? Been a long time since I’ve played an F1 game.
  3. MChapp1867

    Gran Turismo 7 Confirmed to also launch on PlayStation 4, is a cross-gen title

    There are 7 million PS5’s out there now. A console has quite literally never sold more consoles this quickly. They’re predicting to sell 18m by the end of 2021. That figure might be double (or more) by the time GT7 launches. Why do console manufacturers make any games during the first 2-3...
  4. MChapp1867

    Gran Turismo Sport Selected for First Ever Olympic Virtual Series

    Got my time down to 1.58.833 and.. that's me done I think! Trying to push past that is triggering some really dumb mistakes and obviously the event is super punishing about clipping the walls. I'm not going to shave 3+ seconds off my time here but it's been fun to take part. I agree with what...
  5. MChapp1867

    Did SPORT ruin Gran Turismo?

    GT Sport was my introduction to taking online racing seriously, and is still my go-to for a good standard of competitive racing. It's just super easy and streamlined to get into competitive racing. I've recently started getting into ACC as well, and coming back to GT Sport the drop in quality of...
  6. MChapp1867

    Forza 8 news got me nervous?

    For me, Forza feels like a series that has a lot of room to change and improve without going all the way in any one direction. I'd like the physics, track feedback etc to be much better, but it doesn't need to be exactly the same as ACC/iRacing. I'd like online competition to be better...
  7. MChapp1867

    Assetto Corsa Competizione Coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X in 2021

    Does anyone have any experience playing ACC on Series X? Does that version fare any better as far as the image quality goes on the new systems? I'm assuming it still runs the game at 60fps like the PS5 does?
  8. MChapp1867

    Assetto Corsa Competizione Coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X in 2021

    I know the British GT pack is due next week, but that doesn’t include the proper PS5 patch, does it? We still waiting on a date for that?
  9. MChapp1867

    bugs on ps5 career mode

    I actually managed to successfully get a refund on ACC on PlayStation, after experiencing crashes on PS5. The game would routinely crash after races, particularly the early practices at Monza in career mode. I had to follow some technical steps, provide screenshots of the error and even a video...
  10. MChapp1867

    This game ruined GT Sport for me

    I’ve never played Project Cars 2. Where does it sit in terms of GT Sport and ACC? Like I said above, the ACC driving experience is just extraordinary. I can’t believe how much more visceral, engaging and exciting it is to simply drive. I’ve put about 20 hours into ACC so far and I haven’t done...
  11. MChapp1867

    Assetto Corsa Competizione Coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X in 2021

    I imagine being the first “native” next gen racing game could put it in a nice spot. GT7 is a 2022 thing (at least) and there’s no news on Forza. The lack of next gen driving games seems to have been a common complaint about these consoles so far. Dirt 5 being.. well, Dirt 5, didn’t help. If...
  12. MChapp1867

    This game ruined GT Sport for me

    Oh yeah the PS5 patch will be a big enhancement I’m sure. What I meant was that GT7 was ultimately why I picked PS5 over Xbox, or over upgrading my PC, so I could have got another machine instead if I end up preferring Assetto Corsa more - what with ACC being available on all 3. It’s a bit of a...
  13. MChapp1867

    Dialy races, demolition derby

    It varies by events. Usually by Monday evening I’ve already worked out which of the 3 dailies I’ll just avoid completely due to the toxic players. Race A at Laguna Seca a couple of weeks ago was a good example. By the time Monday was done I’d played 5 straight attempts at Race A and got rammed...
  14. MChapp1867

    Assetto Corsa Competizione Coming to PS4 and XB1, Arrives June 23

    It’s nice to see an active community of console players on here. Reading around the internet can sometimes make ACC (or sim racing in general) seem like a PC exclusive thing. I bought ACC today on PS5 and my first impressions are very positive. Looking forward to the proper PS5 patch/upgrade.
  15. MChapp1867

    This game ruined GT Sport for me

    I played ACC today for the first time. I’ve been a Gran Turismo fan since day 1 and have been playing GT Sport on my PS5, but this is my first taste of any of the genuine sim racers. I can already feel a difference compared to GT Sport. I’ve literally only played the practice session on the...