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  1. L_Kesan

    Gran Turismo 7 Launch to "Shift From 2021 to 2022"

    Well gives us a chance to get ps5 by then hopefully? Well at retail price that is. I would prefer them delay it even further to get quality needed people will wait the question is how long can they go financially without releasing new product.
  2. L_Kesan

    CyberPunk 2077

    The death threats and constant complaining about postponing it and the countless memes and bullying basically. Choose from these atributes = High Quality | Short development Time | Great Performance You can only pick two.
  3. L_Kesan

    Project CARS 3 Announced, Arrives This Summer

    Please be good please be good please be good Ready to buy it day 1 because extra racing game is never bad. I just hope since it is end of ps4 it would be a cross licence so that I dont have to buy again for ps5. Does anyone know how this will be handeled?
  4. L_Kesan

    A Test Drive Unlimited Sequel is On Its Way From WRC Developer Kylotonn

    Dear developers possibly reading this, please please please take your time, current games available have still some years in them (from other franchises as well) do not rush it. You have a great potential, the long wait and teasing for so long means the game will sell well, If you make it...
  5. L_Kesan

    Aston Martin DBR9 Confirmed for GT Sport

    Love every new car they Add!!! DB9 road car has been my dream car when I was younger. seeing it with all this aero is just yummy. I have to give it to forza their classification system seems more detailed. not only these race cars are in same category lets say R1(for race cars including for...
  6. L_Kesan

    Indy 500 Winner Juan Pablo Montoya is Now an Esports Champion Too

    who else thought ''GO ON DAD!''?
  7. L_Kesan

    NASCAR Racer Says Esports Race Team Deals Make "Real Race Car Drivers Want To Puke"

    Another variables to the equation. If people partake in activity they otherwise would watch doesn't that reduce exposure of not only gaming but every sport(/activity/show) where you would apply this rule? Another thing is not everyone can afford powerful PC and not everything is playable if you...
  8. L_Kesan

    NASCAR Racer Says Esports Race Team Deals Make "Real Race Car Drivers Want To Puke"

    The circle of life repeats again, as people grow older they get protective over what they do, since it is harder to adapt to the new things. Horse riders once hated motorcycle riders, some motorsport racers hate E-formula etc. rolling coal people hate priuses etc. if it's competitive and there...
  9. L_Kesan

    This Week’s Forza Horizon 4 Season Change: A Le Mans Icon Charges Into Autumn

    what really annoys me about this reward system is. you get to win this beautiful le mans legend but in order to do that you have to do 6 offroad/crosscountry events. It would be nice to have a tarmac alternative especially since its such tarmac exclusive car. come on playground you have...
  10. L_Kesan

    Has Laguna Seca just been leaked?

    wait, I haven't even got to try SPA (busy) and you guys are telling me there is chance another favourite track is gonna make it in before I start complaining about free stuff? :D outrageous :D no seriously if thats true thats great!
  11. L_Kesan

    How Gran Turismo is Made: A Behind-The-Scenes Tour of Polyphony Digital

    technology moved on. with smoothing algorithms these days smoother finish can be achieved from far less polyons previously you would need higher tesselation to smooth the surface out. 70k polys could also mean that thats the poly count of one of the LOD models and. taking away polys is much...
  12. L_Kesan

    New Update Coming 03/10/2019

    I am eternaly grateful for PD they taught me to never have expectation, and every update content is always a great and possitive surprise. I became such a happy person thanks pd for improving life beyond gaming :D
  13. L_Kesan

    The corner you dislike the most

    Schwedenkreuz on nordschleife. Such a wild card and hard to get right under pressure EDIT: I was gonna say usually my most hated corners become most loved after some time of practice :D
  14. L_Kesan

    Is this my fault? Looking for opinions

    from cockpit view knowing gran turismo he probably lost your sight or you may have been in his dead angle and if he saw you two could squeeze at the begining maybe he continued pushing forward thinking its gonna be that way and suddenly felt he was punted of. if he was in cockpit view I could...
  15. L_Kesan

    GT Sport Update 1.45 Now Available

    WHAT?! 4 Wet tracks added? that is impressive and surprising! thanks PD!! I'm so looking forward trying rainy tokyo at Night in an NSX or a Ford GT!!! Thanks PD you Rock!!!
  16. L_Kesan

    Had my first drive with a

    took me over a year to be consistent and vaguely competitive give it time, observe, do mistake and learn from them. dont use KTM to start with :D start with mx5 move onto porsche 911 in Nclass then 458 GT3 and occasionally switch between fwd car with rwd and when you start noticing differences...
  17. L_Kesan

    McLaren 600LT Coming to Forza Horizon 4; Series 14 Details Later Today

    As much as I Love it when people give up making it easier for experienced players to cooperate and win. I agree that is totally how its NOT supposed to work. First corner, some people still ram the AI and everyone in pack. once i was 2nd in pack and had good line ready to pull up front and slow...
  18. L_Kesan

    The Awesome Vintage Cars Thread

    1935 Monaco Trossi - I only seen this picture and that was enough to fall in love with this idea of radial engine with sleek design if this doesn't suite delete
  19. L_Kesan

    Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus Reveals its 2020 Le Mans Hypercar

    somehow this car already looks dated. wasn't toyota teasing something about a le mans hypercar not long ago as well?
  20. L_Kesan

    Nissan Creates Gaming Chair Concepts for Nissan Fans

    Finally the leaf that people will want :D personally i like the Leaf one best so far