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    What Cars Did You Win?

    500 - camaro lm race car elise - 350z concept lm race car sti - i think it was the r89c race car
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    To all DS3 users out there...

    forgot to mention i changed the steering sensitivity to 7 on the sti just passed the elise one using shirakawas tune 🙂
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    To all DS3 users out there...

    i used RJ's tune for the sti but i changed the front spring rate to 11.5 and the torque split to 40/60 and for some reason i couldnt adjust the downforce with the stock spoiler so didnt bother with that and had a close ratio gearbox for the fiat i set the top speed to 133mph, the lsd was...
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    Can a car bottom out in GT5?

    if ya go to circuit de la sarthe in an x1, its slower down the straight with chicanes than other parts of the track
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    Throttle bug or not?

    what if ya dont use the joystick
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    no ya cant use his save file, the only way i see it is to go to his friends with your GT5, start it, send the car and then knock your brother out haha
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    Europe Only- Free XJ13 Chrome line

    poxy code wouldnt work when i did it
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    Ferrari 330 P4 Tuning

    only tried it once but took me 7 mins using the second tune and fully upgraded
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    What Is The Highest Amount Of Money You Have Accumulated

    i've had bout 16.5 million and have a little over 13 million now
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    deleteing an online driver

    click on share online again, it will ask do ya want to cancel his online status, click yes and you're done
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    FGT's....are they going to fall into the new rules as well?

    some amount of whinging bitches here, there stopping trades of cars over 1 mil, get over ffs its only a game
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    1000 ticket - what did you get?

    how often do ya get the tickets, i'm not sure if i ever got the 1000 one and i've all races done in a spec except enduance and the fgt, same in b spec but i've 6 of the endurances done
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    4hr ring endurance

    well i did it again and completed the race this time, did tsukuba 9 hours aswell
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    I need a 2J tuning setup!

    the countach with all the upgrades and lowered 10mm front and back wins handy
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    Paint for Saleen S7 & Plymouth Superbird

    actually that wont work cos it says only pdf rar and zip files are allowed, it takes 2 mins and its free to setup a photobucket account
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    Paint for Saleen S7 & Plymouth Superbird

    ok click on post reply on the left under my post, scroll down to and ya will see manage attachments, click that and then a box will pop up, click browse and select the pic, then click upload and then close the window after ya get confrimation that it uploaded
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    Paint for Saleen S7 & Plymouth Superbird

    easiest way is to upload to flikr or photobucket and then copy and paste the [IMG] link here
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    What should I buy?

    ya can win the ford gt by doing the dream car championship in extreme
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    What is the best headset for online

    +1 i have the px21 and they are excellent quality
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    is it possible

    search this forum for ''GT5 take it to the track'' i did it and the code wouldnt work but the one for the race suit worked