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  1. J

    Evo vs. STi

    CUSCO Subaru ADVAN Impreza. Ugh. Great car if you like GT300
  2. J

    Wouldnt it be awesome if...

    Do you mean so you could only let people with "X miles driven" join your room, or less than 100 bumps? That seems kind of ridiculous, becuase leaving an X1 circuiting Indy overnight or something would increase your miles loads, and the bumps? The detection system for who is at fault so...
  3. J

    The Race to 6:59.999. King of The Ring Challenge.

    Heh, I guess its more difficult if you aren't really enjoying yourself, and a huge stint at the ring can be frustrating. Just stick with it and establish the fastest you can get round each corner consistently. Good luck.
  4. J

    Force GT Vs G27?

    I love the feel of the H-shifter and clutch, pedals also feel better and have good resistance and dont feel flimsy. I also find the G27 quieter. G27 is unquestionably the better wheel, but do you play enough to justify the cost?
  5. J

    G27 paddle shifters

    Yeah mine is still within warranty but just on the offchance someone had some simple solution id rather do that than faff around sending and receiving wheels. Cheers pal.
  6. J

    G27 paddle shifters

    A month or so ago my paddle shifters stop working. I assume its a loose wire since they still work when the wheel is on full lock either way. Has anyone else experienced this problem, or knows the workings of the wheel well enough to know how to fix it? Thanks.
  7. J

    The Race to 6:59.999. King of The Ring Challenge.

    Thats the reason I started setting up a lobby for myself with tyre wear off and just whizzing around it for an hour or two, so I had the ability to set consistent, good times. Admittedly I still end up crashing on a decent percentage of laps but thats what comes with pushing it. If i just try to...
  8. J

    Scuderia vs. Italia - Which is more FUN!

    For me at the same PP the Scuderia can pull better times out of the bag.
  9. J

    The Race to 6:59.999. King of The Ring Challenge.

    If you follow the driving line, you are not going to be fast. If you don't follow it but only use it as a reference, you don't need it.
  10. J

    The Race to 6:59.999. King of The Ring Challenge.

    The driving line is wrong in terms of braking point, the actual line and amount of braking required virtually everywhere. Anyone with half a brain will be quicker than a zombie who isnt playing GT5, but rather, "Mindlessly Follow The Pretty Red/Blue Line 5"
  11. J

    Best 300- Hp car?

    Yeah it is standard but the game has been out 7 months so by now im assuming everyone has most cars (aside from the 20M cars =/)
  12. J

    Best 300- Hp car?

    Which one. Id say theres never any reason to use the Cusco Dunlop (4WD) as the Cusco Advan (FR) beats it on handling and tyre wear.
  13. J

    What's wrong with Cote D'Azur?

    Its not featured enough no, but in my opinion its only in Formula 1 because its "The jewel in the crown". Its actually one of the worst races to watch because only one in a blue moon does anyone pass someone other than on the exit of the tunnel coming down to the Nouvelle Chicane. It is pretty...
  14. J

    Best cars for online races.

    I love the Autobacs Garaiya (street) for 450PP, its around there with no oil change and you can just use a close ratio or standard. Its unbeatable at that PP on the ring. 500PP the NSX Type R dominates IMO. 550PP I see alot of GT500cars, specifically the NSX which seems to be awesome again...
  15. J

    Nascar online race series

    Not to be a spoilsport, but if you post this in the Online Racing section of the forums I think you would get more interest. Link: You could PM a mod to move your post, or check the chat room and ask them to move it. Hurry before those...
  16. J

    Best Track Subaru in the game?

    You have the CUSCO DUNLOP Subaru Impreza and the CUSCO ADVAN Subaru Impreza. The DUNLOP is 4WD, the ADVAN is FR, and i prefer the FR car for just about everything, better on tyre wear and seems to handle so much better.
  17. J

    GT5 Needs more Race Mods

    I wouldnt be averse to this, but they need to sort out the PP system. Aero is so underrated in terms of how much it contributes to the PP of a car.
  18. J

    Seasonal event - classic muscle car

    They're fairly cheap in the OCD. Dont worry about which is better they all handle like a shopping trolley full of bricks, with the wheels made of cheese, driving on a shagpile carpet, coughing and chugging along. Oh and its on fire.
  19. J

    550 PP FR VS. 4WD(90% FR distribution) Laguna Seca Battle.

    Just by looking at the video I wouldnt say your driving is consistent enough to ensure an objective comparison.
  20. J

    Impreza Super Touring Car drivetrain?

    Im 95% sure its 4WD