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  1. LittleSpike

    [PSX] NFS:HS Complete Edition

    I love it. I absolutely love it. That Tournament of Champions is a bastard, though.
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    What do you get when you cross an owl with a bungee cord?
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    Does Anyone Watch Wrestling? (WWE, AEW, TNA, NWA, etc)

    And when he is being used, it's to be humiliated by his suddenly-evil-for-no-reason wife. Whatever happened to THE GREATEST LOVE I'VE EVEEER KNOOOOOOWWN? I guess that explains why this storyline is happening to Rusev now, because this is what everyone wants to see, right?
  4. LittleSpike

    Classic Gran Turismo Livery Replicas (Read OP before posting!)

    Did this one a month ago, neglected to show it here until now; the 1992 GTO Twin Turbo's race mod from the first Gran Turismo (it's a '91 in GT Sport, but whatever, same car anyway). Very very simple, the only challenge coming from deciding which decals to choose from. Gran...
  5. Gran Turismo®SPORT_20190903030446

    Gran Turismo®SPORT_20190903030446

  6. Gran Turismo®SPORT_20190903030331

    Gran Turismo®SPORT_20190903030331

  7. Gran Turismo®SPORT_20190903030048

    Gran Turismo®SPORT_20190903030048

  8. Gran Turismo®SPORT_20190903030104

    Gran Turismo®SPORT_20190903030104

  9. Gran Turismo®SPORT_20190903030140

    Gran Turismo®SPORT_20190903030140

  10. Gran Turismo®SPORT_20190903030314

    Gran Turismo®SPORT_20190903030314

  11. Gran Turismo®SPORT_20190903030406

    Gran Turismo®SPORT_20190903030406

  12. Gran Turismo®SPORT_20190903030036

    Gran Turismo®SPORT_20190903030036

  13. Gran Turismo®SPORT_20190903030210

    Gran Turismo®SPORT_20190903030210

  14. Gran Turismo®SPORT_20190903030256

    Gran Turismo®SPORT_20190903030256

  15. Mitsubishi GTO '91 - GT1 Race Mod

    Mitsubishi GTO '91 - GT1 Race Mod

  16. LittleSpike

    Does Anyone Watch Wrestling? (WWE, AEW, TNA, NWA, etc)

    Did I hear that right? There was a DQ... in a Hell in a Cell match? So Bray gets to win the match but not the belt. Via DQ. In a Hell in a Cell match. After that much build up. Why?! I won't be able to get over it; a DQ in a Hell in a Cell match. That's on par with Bam Bam Bigelow getting...
  17. LittleSpike

    Weird comments you get on your liveries

    Weirdest comment I ever got; I uploaded a replica livery for the Ford GT40 a while ago, and someone put in all caps "THE ONLY PERSON WITH A SPOT ON REMAKE THANK YOU DRAKE" My name's not Drake... what?
  18. LittleSpike

    Classic Gran Turismo Livery Replicas (Read OP before posting!)

    Already did this on the NSX Gr.4, but now I can do it on the original! The Honda S2000's race modification from GT2, the one based on a car that ran in the 1999 Tsukuba 9-hour endurance race rather than the Spoon Sports one. Gran Turismo®SPORT_20190829152622 by LittleSpike posted Aug 29, 2019...
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