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    Thrustmaster T300RS Racing Wheel Thread

    Can Fanatec pedals with a load cell be used with this wheel?
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    Formula 1 2017 Formula 1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix

    That's not on....
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    GTP Cool Wall: 2017 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon

    What's the reason for the NHRA banning?
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    GTP Alternative Cool Wall: 1940-present McDonalds

    After "Supersize me" I struggle to go above a meh
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    Project CARS 2 General Discussion Thread - Out Now on PS4/XB1/PC

    Quick question: How many people can compete online in a race? Cheers
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    The Ultimate force feedback "Wheel Buyers Guide" for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X and XBox One

    Sorry was looking at the old videos in the OP. Thanks for an updated vid 🙂
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    The Ultimate force feedback "Wheel Buyers Guide" for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X and XBox One

    In the original video reviews posted it notes that the Fanatec doesn't have a table clamp - how are you supposed to mount these wheels?
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    "Regular Car Reviews" Unoffical Thread

    God I went to view one and when I walked away telling the owner about the rust I saw and about the overheating during the test drive I swear he got so annoyed I thought he wasn't gonna let me leave his estate! 😂
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    GTP Cool Wall: 2017+ Panoz Avezzano

    It's cool.
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    Show off your latest purchase!

    An ECU remap for the 182 courtesy of K-tec racing with a dyno before and after:
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    Post a pic of your real car

    So far has been way more fun than the Z4!
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    Project CARS 2- Multi-class racing

    How does it work? Would you have multiple winners, i.e. a race winner for the higher class and one for the lower class?
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    Poll: Which wheel for PS4. Fanatec vs Thrustmaster

    Is there that much of a difference between the three wheels to warrant the price differences. Also, why are there complaints about TM pedals?