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  1. Soran

    GT6 Framerate depends on which console you have.

    Mine is a CECHAxx (Yes, the 60GB museum piece with PS2 hardware emulation) So far GT6 runs quite smoothly on it, the only time the FPS seems to drop is when i load a ghost in, but it's not
  2. Soran

    RedBull Junior Races

    If u're playing with the driving line on, remember that it is very inaccurate when it comes to the Red Bull cars. They have so much grip that a lot of corners where it suggests u brake, u find that u more often than not can get away with letting off the gas. The brakes are so effective u slow...
  3. Soran

    The dumbest AI mistakes you've ever seen

    In the Red Bull X2014 Fan Car challenge on Spa, i saw Vettel take a short-cut thru the very last chicane and fly into a wall.
  4. Soran

    Post Your Latest GT6 Photos Here

    Herr Stig on his way to the Russian Front
  5. Chamonix - East_2.jpg

    Chamonix - East_2.jpg

  6. Chamonix - East_1.jpg

    Chamonix - East_1.jpg

  7. Chamonix - East.jpg

    Chamonix - East.jpg

  8. Soran

    Oil changes need some modification

    I'm just sad changing my engine oil no longer consist of my mechanic going underneath and drinking my old engine oil 😂
  9. Soran

    Troll Car Thread

    The car i have with the most mileage, because i used it to clear craploads of the career mode
  10. Soran

    Gran Turismo 6 Career Races List

    Lucky for me i left the driving line on, so it helped abit, especially on the Mulsanne Straight and the parts leading to the Porsche Curves which were pitch-black in darkness. I was driving the Toyota 7 like a goddamn railway train 😖
  11. Soran

    Gran Turismo 6 Career Races List

    Managed to gold Le Mans in a Toyota 7 Circuit de la Sarthe at night with rain + NO FREAKIN HEADLIGHTS AT ALL = AAARRRGGGGHHHHH