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    Online races you enjoyed

    Haven't been able to enjoy a single race all day, its like playing bumper cars.
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    Online Racing -> Apologies Here!

    😂 Yeah I know, sorry. 700s I did pretty well on, I think I went 8 pole finishes in a row one night. The 750s though, the cars a more powerful, the turns quicker. Once I get acclimated it'll be just like the 700s all over again. GTP_Div..what happened to me, man? Heh. That first race...
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    Online Racing -> Apologies Here!

    This is my official pre-apology to whoever I bash at Suzuka 750PP tonight. First time racing in the 750s, was on vaca all weekend.
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    Amuse s2000 GT1 - with video

    Here's the setup I use. I really, really love the gearing I have. Keep in mind this setup was tested only using a controller, which I find is very hard to use when aiming to keep the Amuse under control. So, that being intent with this build was control, cornering, speed. I believe I...
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    wheel or controller ?

    I currently use the controller and definetly feel held back. Once the Driving Force GT comes out, that will be the wheel I get. Until then, it's controller.
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    The New Black List ;_;

    PS-CITY. White Elise 111R/tuned. Ben rammed by him several times, with the specific intent of knocking me off the track.
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    GTP_Registry Discussion Thread

    Hey folks, I'm a new member dropping an introductory line. I mainly race Suzuka 700pp as GTP_Strayed. Hope to see you on the track!
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    My Setups - Elise 111r/Audi R8

    I really love the R8. Despite its weight it handles quite nicely. Mine is setup for Suzuka, though I am still playing with gear ratios. Power: +16 Weight: 85% Tires: R3/R3 Ride Height: -15/-10 Spring Rate: 4/5 Damper: 4/5 Toe: -0.50/-0.50 Camber: 3/2.5 Brakes: 6/4 Turning Angle: 40 TCS: 1 ABS...
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    Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX/Tuned

    Really? For which track? And what gear setup are you using?
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    Mines Skyline - Best 4WD car in game?

    I use the Mine's as my main set of wheels for the online races. Its almost too easy with this car.
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    Relieve your angry here!

    I agree with you about this system. Great idea. Pathetic implementation. Online it isn't as stressful, since both cars get penalties.
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    Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX/Tuned

    Found this car and setup to be a PP630 killer. Finished with a Gold on the first race in each. Here goes: Power: (323) -8 Weight: (1017) 90% Aero: 20/35 Ride Height: -10/-10 Spring Rate: 7/6 Damper: 7/6 Toe: -0.25/+0.10 Camber: 2.0/1.0 Brakes: 5/5 TCS: Off ABS: Off or 1, whichever...