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  1. GotToyota

    1.05 - The little things

    Quite a nice update, however I'm still waiting to be able to change wheels on standard cars.
  2. GotToyota

    The New Black List ;_;

    AlexTheGreat, not sure if he has underscores or not, but he's a horrible driver. He will always try to ram you, and is willing to put himself out of the race so you don't finish. -Matt
  3. GotToyota

    The New Black List ;_;

    SoopaDoopa, avoid this guy if possible. Just plain bad at driving, and will occasionally bump and wreck into you. -Matt R_FLATS can also suck on my metaphorical downpipe, horrible driver.
  4. GotToyota

    Logitech black MOMO and GT5P

    Anymore feedback on this? I wanted to buy this wheel, but if it doesn't work I won't bother.
  5. GotToyota

    How to get a custom avatar?

    How do you upload your custom avatar? EDIT: Nevermind, close please.