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  1. Steer

    Did SPORT ruin Gran Turismo?

    I just had a clean race long battle for the win with another driver in a lobby. For 5 laps we were nose to tail. On the last lap we went through 4 corners side-by-side without touching before I finally got the move done, and we crossed the line together with only 1/10th of a second between us...
  2. Steer

    Gran Turismo Sport Server "Instability" Under Investigation

    Thank goodness for this announcement. I thought it was just me. 2 nights of being chucked out on lap 1 in every lobby was massively frustrating. At least this gave me the chance to do a few more Red Dead missions I suppose. I was thinking that I might have to go to my internet provider!
  3. Steer

    What cars do you think handle the best?

    Gr 3 - Lexus and Mustang are the cars that I go to for safe & predictable handling. Gr 4 - Boring as it sounds the Audi TT
  4. Steer

    "Daily" Race Discussion [Archive]

    Without wanting to turn this into a thread entirely about the penalty system - calls for drive throughs and HP reductions etc are all well and good if you have a system that is somewhere close to correctly apportioning blame. My SR has plummeted after a few races at Spa, almost solely down to...
  5. Steer


    My SR rating has dropped from S to C - including being hit in the rear by cars into T1 at spa at the start, being bit by cars returning dangerously after running off track, being hit in the rear as I drive off the racing line after I had been punted off. Before this my SR has been at S level...
  6. Steer

    "Daily" Race Discussion [Archive]

    I loved my one and only race at Brands last night. My race pace is better than my qualy pace suggests. Started on medium tyres and I went from 10th on the grid up to 2nd, then pit stop time - nail the pit entry, - no refueling , so I hit X - oops just selected another set of medium tyres...
  7. Steer

    Worlds Fastest Reversing Driver

    It's not often that you see something that you have never seen before. :cheers:
  8. Steer

    Measure your total input lag!

    I did this on my Commodore 64 with Pitstop 2. Do you want to know the results? 🥴
  9. Steer

    what about the old tracks?

    I loved El Capitan, and that is the one tack that I would like to see brought into GT Sport. However, it would probably be carnage as a multiplayer track. I honestly don't hugely miss many of the other old tracks, great as they were back in the day. I think that most of the new fictional...
  10. Steer

    British Touring Car Championship Game and Esport Series Confirmed, Scheduled for 2022

    I found a cool lobby last night in GT Sport with people running GR4 cars, some of them in retro BTCC liveries, blasting around Brands Hatch. But this, this would be awesome.
  11. Steer

    "Daily" Race Discussion [Archive]

    I always loved racing games. Thank goodness they have improved over teh years:- C 64 - Pitstop II - 2 player split screen racing. Amiga - Stunt Car Racer, Indy 500 and Geoff Crammond F1 PS - GT 2, Colin MCrae Rally PS2 - GT 4 Could never get GT to install on my PS3 😕
  12. Steer

    Sport League - newbie gripes

    Some cars suit some tracks more than others. But you should not be losing 10 seconds a lap irrespective of which Gr.3 car you pick.
  13. Steer

    "Daily" Race Discussion [Archive]

    I've been struggling to improve my qualy lap time in race B. Got a 7:46 on my 3rd try, but since then I cant put together a clean lap to save my life. I know a 7:40 is possible, but this car is pretty hard to drive on the limit and I always seem to make a mistake or two somewhere. Slow in & fast...
  14. Steer

    This game's AI...

    I missed a few GT games between 4 and 6, but hasn't the AI always been awful?
  15. Steer

    "Daily" Race Discussion [Archive]

    I'm sloooooow around Le Mans. But if it's that or getting smashed into the wall lap after lap at the chicane in race B, or slip sliding around in the wet, then Le Mans it is.
  16. Steer

    GT Sport Penalty System Under Fire Again as Official FIA Season Begins

    "Fix it quickly" might be what led us to this shambles in the first place.
  17. Steer

    GT Sport Penalty System Under Fire Again as Official FIA Season Begins

    The penalty system has never been perfect, but every time they change it, it seems to be worse than previously. The game has been out for ages, and I don't understand how they can continually get this one aspect of it so wrong. The rest of the game is brilliant, but this one issue often...
  18. Steer

    "Daily" Race Discussion [Archive]

    Ahh Suzuka. Driven it so many times, my DR always goes up when this is on the dailys, and then usually drops back down when I race any other track. Some good racing last night. Somehow managed to avoid the opening lap carnage in most of the races. It's a 13 lap race - why are so many people...
  19. Steer

    "Daily" Race Discussion [Archive]

    Agree that they need to do something with the BOP. Boring seeing a grid with 80% the same car. Disagree that you have to be some kind of demi-god to gain an advantage using the Megan. I am an average skilled driver at DR.B, and I can lap Brands MUCH faster in that car than any of the other...
  20. Steer

    "Daily" Race Discussion [Archive]

    Got a win round brands. It was the track that I have raced at most without winning up till today - my 19th race round there was my first win.🙂