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  1. killswitchmad

    PC Career gives me wrong events or auto-accepts recruitment deals, did this happen to anyone else?

    Also invitationals get added to the calendar so you wont be chucked straight in it, the you might get a Clio Cup invitational but the Cup might not be for another 6 months on the calendar....
  2. killswitchmad

    Photomode Tutorials

    With the X1 version I find it easier to watch the replay, pause and use the triggers to FF/RW to where you want it then line up the camera and take a screenshot from the X1 menu
  3. killswitchmad

    The Great Project Cars Glitches, Bugs and Errors Thread

    Had a really odd issue occur on the Xbox One a couple of times. In the Shifter Kart I overcooked the corner a little and as I went off the steering reversed itself as if the kart was in the R gear even though the momentum was still forwards
  4. killswitchmad

    PCARS first impressions!

    Really enjoying it so far, jumped into free practice first in the Focus RS just go get a nice feel for the physics. Must admit I'm struggling with the Shifter Karts a little, can't seem to get a handle on them at all, any tips?
  5. killswitchmad

    XBox One Users

    Xbox One store states 7/5 on my console in the UK, I Believe physical release will be the 8/5
  6. killswitchmad

    XBox One Users

    With the digital release fast approaching at midnight tonight (bst) anyone going to be jumping on?
  7. killswitchmad

    XBox One Users

    GT - killswitchmad One more day!
  8. killswitchmad

    Hi all from not so sunny England!

    Evening all, Long time lurker here from the UK, I finally decided to join with the impending release of Pcars... I'm your typical middle aged, middle tier run of the mill chap, I'm full of Great British banter and prefer a laugh during gaming than a super serious session (though I can enjoy a...