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    Things PCARS 2 got right

    The historic tracks.
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    Ai Difficulty Settings

    I really like the way AI is implemented. Each time that I'm involved in an accident with an AI car, even when it hits me in the back, the replay teaches me I would have done exactly the same if I were driving the AI car. Avoiding contact in the middle of a pack going for the first corners is...
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    Where have you been having your fun?

    Taking 60's and 70's race cars out to Spa-Francorchamps Classic for 1-hour races. Simply amazing. What a great game.
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    Project Cars 2 Favorite Car, Track, Combo

    330 P4 on historic Spa-Francorchamps. All assists off. Haven't found the right AI setting yet, but I managed to finish a 1-hour race without incidents.
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    First impressions PC2

    Thrustmaster TX. Spent 2 hours sliding the Caterham 620R (ABS only) through the corners in the snow on the Nordschleiffe and on the sunny California highway. 100% smile on my face. Fantastic job!
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    The GT Sport Epic Whining and Crying Thread

    Yes GTS will have only 3 tracks, 5 cars, no career mode, bad sounds, and AI that is still driving on a single line. To be honest that's not Kaz's fault, it's the PS4 I/O amplifier that is hard to program, especially when modeling these 5 cars in 32K resolution, which is absolutely necessary just...
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    Is PCARS as Good as GT6?

    That's like saying the only thing I like about Scarlett Johansson is her looks, her personality and her money.
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    Is PCARS as Good as GT6?

    Liked the rest of your post but this isn't true. In its current state, on XB1, I encounter two bugs: sometimes it's stuck on loading screen when starting a career race after turning on the XB1, in which case I need to restart the console. And I had an AI driver go through me twice when leaving...
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    Bloated Car List

    No it wouldn't make the outcome very different. You would have counted 10 identical birds and 20 identical ladybirds, so 28 instead of 29 too many items on your list. Besides only in parts of NA and UK can a ladybird be mistaken as a bird. Everywhere else in the world the creature has a...
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    Has GT6 been abandoned by PD?

    Gwenbors did what TenD couldn't: describe Kaz's vision.
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    The GT6 Epic Whining and Crying Thread

    In order to have an opinion I must have *created* a successful computer game, while for you it is sufficient to have *played* computer games. Do you win a lot of arguments?
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    Why Kaz needs to go...

    So do the VGT cars require effort from PD in your opinion? Because the outsourcing for Forza isn't really on topic. Booting Kaz because he focuses on the wrong stuff is.
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    Why Kaz needs to go...

    While you were asleep, your friends were making the case that modeling VGT cars don't require effort from PD. Which means it's possible to have a 3rd party model a car that fulfills the quality criteria, something which was never possible before.
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    Why Kaz needs to go...

    It's magic how modeling a VGT by a 3rd party is now so easy, while for years it wasn't possible to outsource car modeling according to the fanboys because quality would suffer.
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    Geneva VGT???

    Darwin award!
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    Why Kaz needs to go...

    With "Griffith500 and I" you mean you clicking the like button on Griffith500's posts, or you mean you're both at the opposite ends of the spectrum and therefore both very rare? In any case the following is not rare: A forum is not a chat. You can just return another time and continue to make...
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    Positive Vibes

    Wasn't it the purpose of the OP to start yet another thread on it? And many people liked it. Seems they're not so tired of these threads after all. I find the being tired argument is just a lame comeback on an opposite opinion that can't be proven false otherwise.
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    Positive Vibes

    English is not my first language, but when the OP writes "I don't get the negativity. really.," I'm pretty sure it doesn't mean what you say it means. It isn't a positive post at all. It's a "who cares about what others think, everybody should be like me" post. 62 people agreeing on "who cares"...
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    Positive Vibes

    "There are things that definitely could go better", "career mode is a quick fix", "AI is nothing", "challenge is none", "my son is 8, he seems to like it", "yes we had some issues", "it happens that is difficult", "we ask PD [..] to make it all better", "we only had 1 VGT [..] slowness". But...
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    GT6 server boycott: March 1-8

    You've been posting childish, mellow, humorless crap for years, but *now* you feel embarrassed?