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    Project Cars 2 Update Ver 4.1 on PS4

    Great! Now the fastest road cars are finally drivable with a controller. I can drive all my McLarens in a perfect straight line. Thank you SMS!!! 🙇
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    The Original Forza Motorsport: A New Challenger Approaches

    Where else can you get 600~700 premium cars on console? 😁
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    Project CARS 2 COUNTDOWN

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    Project CARS 2 E3 2017 Hands-On Impressions

    Well, the world is bigger than you think, then. ;)
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    Project CARS 2 E3 2017 Hands-On Impressions

    Sorry, but you've got to be kidding.
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    4.8 Million People Play Forza Games Each Month

    Not enough money to buy everything. So it's gonna be PC2 for sim racing and FM7 for car collecting and carporn.
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    GT Sport "Release Period Announcement" To Come at Sony E3 Briefing

    Themewise, despite being on the green side of the force now (since Forza 6) I have to admit that listening to GT5 Spec 2 intro theme song not only reminds me of the good old days, but also gives me goosebumps while getting me motivated and ready to race, again and again.
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    Q&A with Slightly Mad Studios: Ian Bell [Read OP]

    Can we have mandatory pit stops for AI cars in Quick Race Weekends? I used to play a modded version of Geoff Crammond's GP where it was possible set the number of pit stops (1, 2 or 3) for AI cars, even for races as short as 6 laps!
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    Is this it?

    This topic could have actually been written by me, as it describes almost perfectly what has been happening to my gaming life lately. Except I didn't go for Horizon, just FM6. I have no regrets on the Microsoft side and learned to enjoy myself with Turn 10's software. But I really want to go...
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    For those that object to GTS or GT7 having Std Cars, what is your reason?

    Gran Turismo is supposed to be a racing simulation and therefore people who search for maximum immersion will not play it using "Need For Speed View" but cockpit view instead. Now try to feel immersion in a racing game where cars are rendered with a black cardboard as interior! How realistic is...
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    Update 1.21 Released

    So basically 90% of GT6 community will have to rely on tracks designed by the other 10%?
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    List of cars that have hood/bonnet views (now with 150+ cars)

    I hate that "roof-mounted" hood view. To me it feels as realistic as driving like this:
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    If there was an Event Creator - What would you create?

    One-make races, one-country races, one-decade races.
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    Stock Cars with the Most Understeer

    Most north american cars.
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    Finally.....Top of the world, Ma!

    Same here! All cars in GT5, 400 premium cars in GT6 and I'm done.
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    Do PD have a trojan horse inside sabotaging them?

    Well, Evolution Studios are losing half of the studio's staff because of Sony's restructuring process. If these employees were moved to PD they could help in bug testing and more.
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    Do PD have a trojan horse inside sabotaging them?

    1200 cars x 86 track layouts x 40 tune options for each car (approx.) = 4,128,000 combinations. To test each for only 5 minutes would take 39,2 YEARS to discover that whenever you restart the game your Subaru BRZ loses its tune for Cape Ring Reverse. If PD had ALL its 200 employees, including...
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    Cars in GT6 that has PS4-Ready graphics.

    Vehicle count inflation is gonna kill GT.
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    What other brands/manufacturers should join Vision GT?

    DeLorean Vision Gran Turismo Back to The Future 30th Anniversary Edition.
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    Gran Turismo 6 vs Gran Turismo 5: Visual Damage Comparison

    I guess professional flight sims don't show realistic crashes, but the word "crash" and the screen turns black.