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    The Words of the Winds are Now all Clear

    I really hope that you're alluding to the calendar (and not fiscal) year with the "first wind" riddle. Oh god I really hope.
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    Xbox Live Gamertags – Post yours here!

    What the hell, I only received an email for Richard's response, nothing for Simplex/a6m5/etc. Sorry guys, updating the OP.
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    New Forum Features in GTP9.2

    Oh sweet! I have the best idea for a club. "i think ewillis is a pretty cool guy, he hardly posts and doesn't afraid of anything" Seriously guys, make that and it won't be topped.
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    Happy Birthday To...

    Thanks everyone for their wishes. 🙂 I never left, I just... stopped coming in here every day! See, there's a technical difference. I'm not like that guy MistaX who just drops things like they're bad habits. I sometimes pop in. I can! I could have had my permit back in January, to be...
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    Xbox Live Gamertags – Post yours here!

    ... If you're are what your gamertag is, you're the greatest new member EVER. 👍
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    Xbox Live Gamertags – Post yours here!

    I get an email every time someone replies to this thread, y'know. Panties need not be knotted.
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    No! No! NOOOOO!

    I thought I was the only one who's allowed to create ****ty threads and get away with it. Daan, ban the OP please. Oh, and what Dave said. So you were banned from 4chan for only a month because you crashed a website and are whining about it. Totally awesome! Epic lulz. Let there be...
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    Wii General Discussion

    SSBB got delayed a month. 🙁((
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    PS3 General Discussion

    Wait, Lego Indy details?! srhsggfcrtesjhsdffrfetd This fall. I'm not sure how Sony's releasing it with Killzone, but I'm thinking they'll release KZ2 in August or September and release Resistance 2 in November. Yes.
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    PS3 General Discussion

    I'm not cursing at anyone talking about R2, I'm cursing at everyone not talking about R2. That'd make for a good commercial, though!
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    PS3 General Discussion

    seriously gtp is the geriatric of the internet i would've thought everyone would've commented on the good news i have brought, but noooooo. 🙁
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    PS3 General Discussion

    Since you people are so ****ing slow when it comes to delivering ****ing awesome news to the masses, I'll do your job for you all. Resistance 2 revealed. 8 player co-op. 60 player online play. And a bunch of other absolutely spectacular...
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    Funny Pic Thread (Episode III: Revenge of the ****)

    Someone needs to 'shop in pedobear in that pic.
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    Setup a Call of Duty 4 Subforum under gaming/playstation3

    Why do you need a subforum? Just because the CoD4 thread has more posts than a subforum that probably shouldn't exist in the first place doesn't mean it should get one too. If you want to organize a big get-together, start a second thread. If you want to discuss tactics or the best gun to use...
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    Hey guy's

    This is a really, really terrible thread. I'll admit to starting up some stinkers, but this takes the cake.
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    Let's see those desktops (rev 4.0)

    That desktop is full of win.
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    Blu-ray vs. HD DVD Discussion Thread

    There is no way MS would drop $2 BILLION just to make HD-DVD players $100 cheaper for a year. No way. That'd be the biggest waste of money ever. And they're not stupid. The HD-DVD event at CES was just cancelled because of this announcement for God's sake...
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    Blu-ray vs. HD DVD Discussion Thread

    According to the owner of Home Theater Forum who was supposedly an insider on this transaction, Warner was given $620,000,000 in cash and/or incentives to go BD exclusive. In comparison, MS was rumored to give them $500,000,000 including a digital distribution clause. EDIT: Just in case...
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    Blu-ray vs. HD DVD Discussion Thread

    I personally don't care one bit about HD formats (at least until Star Wars gets on Blu-ray), but this really does seem like the final, crushing blow to HD-DVD. There's a decent chance MS is going to announce an HD-DVD built-in X360 at CES – if true, that will be the funniest thing to...