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  1. Overload_35

    The GT7 "non-wish" list

    From the point of view of my vision of Gran Turismo 7 those few VGTs that I like will then be renamed and put in dealerships as design or concept cars. There have been several collaborations that have been forgotten (Pikes Peak ... where are you ...) within Gran Turismo so I think they would not...
  2. Overload_35

    The GT7 "non-wish" list

    It doesn't seem to me that PDi will read this Thread and more specifically mine. But the list is called "Non-Wish" and the post indicates precisely to write which are the features that you personally do not want to have within Gran Turismo 7. I wrote to love those Vision GTs because I like them...
  3. Overload_35

    The GT7 "non-wish" list

    The problem is, I can't ignore the fact that there is a certain discipline in the main career mode. I love completing videogames and when I find something that bores me or I don't like I say it without problems. Since you talked about being oppressive ... so explain to me what is the point of...
  4. Overload_35

    The GT7 "non-wish" list

    The question of questions is ... why answer the list of things I personally don't want in Gran Turismo 7? Ps: I don't get mad if GT7 will be with Rap, Hip-Hop music so pray as long as you want, I can always turn them off and use the headphones with the phone to listen other music. 😛
  5. Overload_35

    The GT7 "non-wish" list

    Things I don't want in Gran Turismo 7. 1: I would like it if there were no more Vision GTs (Except some like Daihatsu Copen RJ VGT, Porsche and Lamborghini Vision GT because I like them a lot.) 2: The ability to play the title in its entirety and only save online. 3: The exaggerated prices of...
  6. Overload_35

    PLZ no more Expensive Cars in GT7

    The problem is not so much the price of the cars, but the ability to earn credits in order to own them. I'm bored to death doing the same race to earn 330k credits when in Forza I can auction my cars for profit or buy cars at bargain prices. PS: No, the method of trying to win one a day doesn't...
  7. Overload_35

    A Test Drive Unlimited Sequel is On Its Way From WRC Developer Kylotonn

    I, on the other hand, WRC8 found it too heavy and complex driving with the controller, with very long braking distances, little control of the car in general, as regards the car that seemed like a bar of soap as well as it was easy to overturn. I think instead there will be people who will find...
  8. Overload_35

    A Test Drive Unlimited Sequel is On Its Way From WRC Developer Kylotonn

    It's true, you're right about the first three chapters that were simulative. But now for people who started from 4 onwards they will find it really bad to play a TDU3 if they have physics like WRC8. I have tried WRC8 with the controller (both DS4 and XBOne controller) and I can tell you that it...
  9. Overload_35

    A Test Drive Unlimited Sequel is On Its Way From WRC Developer Kylotonn

    This title will be a disaster for those who use the controller given the physics taken by WRC. What then why make it realistic that since its nature Test Drive has been a Pure Arcade?
  10. Overload_35

    A Test Drive Unlimited Sequel is On Its Way From WRC Developer Kylotonn

    The return of TDU gives me a smile, but at the same time it brings me many doubts especially if I think it is developed by KT Racing instead of Eden Games. Since those of KT Racing have churned out over the years several remakes of forgotten and much desired titles such as V-Rally & Flatout...
  11. Overload_35

    Forza Horizon 4: General Discussion

    If I have to be totally honest, this politically correct being where anything that can lead to racism or violence is starting to be out of control. If a person does not accept something or simply thinks otherwise, it is not fair to force to think to be accepted by force.. In this case I think...
  12. Overload_35

    Gran Turismo 7 ‘hero car’ (aka the car that appears in the cover of the game)

    I would love it if it were one of these the cover car for Gran Turismo 7! Chevrolet Corvette C8 '20 Ferrari SF90 '20 Italdesign Nissan GT-R50 '20 Lamborghini Vision GT '20 McLaren Senna GTR '19 Toyota Supra RZ [MK5] '20
  13. Overload_35

    Ferrari SF90 Stradale 2019

    It's one of my all-time favorite Ferraris, VOTED!
  14. Overload_35

    McLaren Senna GTR 2019

    It is one of the most beautiful cars I have ever seen, so i vote, hoping it will arrive in Gran Turismo 7 or in Forza Motorsport 8. (I would also be pleased in Forza Horizon 5!).
  15. Overload_35

    Gran Turismo 3 Launched on This Day in 2001

    Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec for me was a big leap forward in terms of graphics compared to previous chapters released on PS1, but removing this I consider it one of the worst along with Gran Turismo 5. The gameplay is really very slow, and the events within the game are mostly repeated by difficulty...
  16. Overload_35

    Best car for Laguna Seca?

    The event has no restrictions of any kind and the opponents use JGTC GT500 cars. If you want to do the race very easily I recommend the Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak or the Suzuki Cultus Pikes Peak. If you want an equal fight instead, take one of the JGTC GT500 that you like. (I managed to do the...
  17. Overload_35

    DDR SP4 2005

    It looks like a replica of the McLaren F1. Really horrible. Not Voted.
  18. Overload_35

    [RESOLVED!!!] Unattainable White/Green Dodge Viper GTS-R?

    I have only attempted for each event of the nations and I have won the FTO LM in green, CRX-Del-Sol LM in red & CopperHead LM in yellow. In the second attempt I managed to have the FTO LM in black because I wanted it in that color!
  19. Overload_35

    Porsche Carrera GT Tuned by Königseder 2006

    The choice of the color and rims in the photos is truly horrible.
  20. Overload_35

    Alfa Romeo Reveals 532hp Giulia GTA and Track-Ready GTAm

    Personally I don't like the new front bumpers of both versions and the rear wing of the GTAm cause they seem one of those customizations present in Need For Speed Payback / Heat. They could do better sincerely.