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    Have you learned something by playing GT?

    I learned the racing line and every corner of the nurburing. One day i will drive it in real life at a pedestrian pace but ill know every corner coming up and have the biggest freaking smile on my face
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    Do PD have a trojan horse inside sabotaging them?

    The truth is i think this is core testing for gt7. I bet lot of these major libraries will be reused in gt7 and PD is just getting it out there to see how they work in the real world
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    Kaz interview on Eurogamer - Standards are here to stay! Poll added

    There should be option that says "I want standards in gt7" because that is option I would pick I understand there is no way they have the time to remodel all those standards so im happy to have those cars in gt7. Even use them as traffic on maybe a highway course or public road course And for...
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    Lexus IS F CCS-R '11 One Lap Time Trial: Nürburgring 24H

    I got gold around my 6th lap but i think there is a glitch it almost felt like the first few laps the car wasnt run in yet eg after a few laps you get more power. Only reason i think this is my first two laps were 6 secs behind but it was so easy to beat it by 6 seconds on my 6th lap but my...
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    Poll: Would you be happy with current standard cars in a PS4 Gran Turismo game?

    If it means i get to play my old favorites then a big Yes
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    AI changed in the 1.07 update?

    The ai seems to have changed, I had a good 2 lap race on the ring using an old 1990 supra slighty tuned with more power, it was a good dog fight all the way to the end vs an rx7 I then had a really strange two lapper with an untuned espirit rx7 and beat a corvette stingray not sure if the game...
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    Tessellation car list

    It's sort of related to LOD(Level of Detail) but the best example is using illustrator versus photoshop. If you draw a straight line in photoshop, the more you zoom in, you will start to see that the line is all jagged when you start to see the pixels that make up the line. If you draw a...
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    Update 1.06 Undocumented Changes Thread (documented changes also listed in OP)

    Something has changed and we dont know if its the physics or the track and not all tracks push cars the same way so no you wouldnt know if physics had changed by doing just one track or a bunch of tracks that are not the ring because it seems like most ringers are noticing some kind of change...
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    Update 1.06 Undocumented Changes Thread (documented changes also listed in OP)

    let me guess you are not doing ur test o the ring and if you did its not your home track so you wouldnt know the difference
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    Update 1.06 Undocumented Changes Thread (documented changes also listed in OP)

    i also believe the physics have changed, could it be that all who have noticed the change are ringers? i do 95% of my gt6 driving on the ring and when anything is different i really feel it everyone who has tested the physics and has said it feels the same don't seem to be testing on the ring...
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    Update 1.06 Undocumented Changes Thread (documented changes also listed in OP)

    I'm going to chime in here and say THE PHYSICS HAVE CHANGED FOR THE WORST I just drove in single player race on the Ring, Stock Impreza STI all aids off, ABS set to 0, CSR-E with modded H-Shifter On certain parts of the ring when you get air born, landing usually needs some quick wheel input to...
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    Why Kaz needs to go...

    Gt6 is practically perfect Fix sounds Fix Ai Probably all due to limitations of ps3 i think kaz is doing a fantastic job
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    1.04 update - Physics changes - Your impressions?

    After 1.4 update I think 5/5 brake bias will auto to ABS set to 1 even if ABS is set to 0. But if you change the brake bias from the defaults, then it actually takes on the bias settings and sets ABS to 0 inside the game.
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    1.04 update - Physics changes - Your impressions?

    Abs set to zero does lock up tires but you have to change the brake bias from 5 and 5 I was really pissed to but after changing it to 7 front 4 back i was able to lock the tires again
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    1.04 killed driving without abs

    ok I take it back it seems only the case if you leave the brake bias 5 and 5 but if you change it to for my settings I use 7front 4 back. It feels all normal again
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    1.04 killed driving without abs

    You cannot lock up your wheels anymore on full breaking. No more need to control braking because 1.04 will never lock up your tires!!!!
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    What Is The Best Car To ENJOY The Nurburgring 4 Hours?

    Awesome I'm going to try out that car. For OP, I'm going to assume your pretty fast on the ring and beating the AI is probably not going to be a huge challenge, in that case I would pick something that is not too easy too easy to drive. Maybe a fast sports road car vs a Super GT car
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    Lift off throttle on controller am I going crazy

    Hmmm im not getting your logic at all in my world doing a donut is a powerslide but in a full circle now if the physics are off on donuts its off on powerslides because a donut is a powerslide. You can talk about it like its different if you want, thanks for atleast testing it maybe it only more...
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    FM5 - The Realistic Photo Thread

    If we are talking about the photo mode which is not a good representation of what the in game engine looks like then GT6 blows most of this thread out of the water. Goto the GT6 "The Realistic Photo Thread" to find out for yourself.
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    Lift off throttle on controller am I going crazy

    thanks for finding the quote but although its not a donut simulator it is a powerslide simulator and playing on controller it seems un nessarily hard to correct from a powerslide because of the strange input delay