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  1. Snorevette

    Hot Wheels Unleased (9/30/21 Release)

    One of the first games I ever remember playing, quite possibly the first game I ever played, was Hot Wheels Stunt Track Driver (not to be confused with Stunt Track Challenge) on our old PC. In retrospect it wasn't exactly a marvel for a game released the same year as Need For Speed III, but I...
  2. Snorevette

    GTA V - General Thread

    Skyrim was also released on 3 different console generations if you count the Switch release, but then of course it was.
  3. Snorevette

    GTA Online Thread (Useful Links in OP)

    Assuming no, but is anyone still playing on PC?
  4. Snorevette

    GTP Cool Wall: 1998-2010 Fiat Multipla

    Uncool, but saved from SU because it's still certainly possible to explain why you'd want to own one over anything else. It's just that practicality on its own doesn't tend to be very cool.
  5. Snorevette

    GTA Online Thread (Useful Links in OP)

    Correct, also bear in mind when you sell product from another business you don't get teleported to that business or anything. If you're starved for cash it's probably better to skip the arcade for the time being.
  6. Snorevette

    GTP Cool Wall: 2008-2013 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG

    Meant to vote SU (on account of the people who drive it) but it's late at night and I accidentally clicked SZ instead. Ah well
  7. Snorevette

    GTA Online Thread (Useful Links in OP)

    I can almost guarantee that RDR2 is gonna be exclusive to the R* launcher if/when it comes out on PC (and the same probably goes for all future R* titles as well). That's probably what they're planning here.
  8. Snorevette

    GTA Online Thread (Useful Links in OP)

    I would say if you're going to spend time grinding casino work and sightseer you may as well do I/E and warehouse sales instead. Sure you can't do them in invite-only lobbies, but solo public lobbies are easy enough to set up, and the only downside is no high demand bonus and annoying blue...
  9. Snorevette

    GTP Cool Wall: 2017- Tesla Model 3

    I personally don't like this for many reasons, but at the end of the day that doesn't really make it uncool, does it? I think that coolness has as much to do with how the car appears to non-car people as it does to car people, and like danoff said, in the general public eye this is still a very...
  10. Snorevette

    Questionable modifications: pictures inside!

    Not gonna lie, I don't think that looks too bad by donk standards.
  11. Snorevette

    Video game pet peeves.

    Well, good news on that front I guess. Don't know if that feature will be brought back, but I'm sure they'll find some way to do it.
  12. Snorevette

    Forza Motorsport 7: General Discussion

    I'm still holding out hope for the Test Track Infield/Sidewinder Proving Grounds layouts to make a return.
  13. Snorevette

    READ THE OP! GTP Cool Wall Nomination Thread [It's easier than ever, come on in!]

    Nomination 1: 2017 Suzuki Swift Sport Nomination 2: 2006 Murtaya (no idea if kit cars like that are allowed, if not then just use my first nomination)
  14. Snorevette

    GTA Online Thread (Useful Links in OP)

    This week, 2x Cash and RP on Casino Freemode Missions (yawn) and double salaries for bodyguards and associates (yawn). A lot of discounts though: 40% off the MOC, Avenger, Terrorbyte, Dune FAV, Weaponized Tampa, APC, Weapon Workshops, and Weaponized Vehicle Workshops, 30% off Garages, and 35%...
  15. Snorevette

    GTA Online Thread (Useful Links in OP)

    To be honest Rockstar can catch me as much as they want at this point. I'm not going to lose sleep over not being able to gamble, and I still invested all that money in a Facility, Zancudo Hangar, Nightclub, Avenger, Terrorbyte, Khanjali, Thruster, Chernobog, Akula, Pyro, and a whole load of...
  16. Snorevette

    GTA Online Thread (Useful Links in OP)

    FWIW I can say firsthand that you need to get a LOT of money from the exploit to get a gambling ban ($47 mil in my case) and that the ban doesn't even include the Casino wheel. After seeing everything the update has to offer I have to say it feels underwhelming, but still pretty fun. The...
  17. Snorevette

    GTA Online Thread (Useful Links in OP)

    Local Casino Steals Vans From Mostly Innocent Violent Biker Gang Is anyone on PC available to do the Hunting Pack (Remix) Adversary Mode? Been meaning to pick up one of the ridiculous rocket power cars for a while and the Scramjet is 75% off right now for Twitch Prime owners, but I haven't...
  18. Snorevette

    GTA Online Thread (Useful Links in OP)

    I don't think it's just rigged to give the dealer ridiculous luck, it's also occasionally rigged to give you ridiculous win streaks so that you get overconfident. Went from 20k to 200k chips in a ridiculous run of 'good luck' yesterday before losing 100k from a greedy double down bet.
  19. Snorevette

    Questionable modifications: pictures inside!

    Judging from the 'Wacky Rally' banner on the bonnet, I'm going to make the wild guess that this is meant to be intentionally ridiculous
  20. Snorevette

    GTA Online Thread (Useful Links in OP)

    I've seen games go for much longer update droughts than this without dying. AFAIK the game's been near the top of all the playercount charts since it was released, and I doubt that's going to change until GTA VI drops.