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    PC Assetto Corsa PC Mods General Discussion

    Hi! Do you guys know how to deal with encrypted mods? I have the Guerilla GT4's but not only on the previews but on the showroom as well the cars are a ll a blue blocky mess. That would be fine I guess, but the problem is that I can't drive them either, the game crashes while loading. I have...
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    PC How do you personally group cars?

    Haven't done it yet, but I was thinking of doing it the same way Gran Turismo does. First I would eliminate all original tags, then I would add a general one related to power; (N100 until N whatever, although I would also have R tags for racing cars). Then I am thinking of adding one for...
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    PC Any problems upgrading to windows 10?

    Upgraded today and everything is working fine. Special thanks to you BloodSpecter, G27 is as great as ever!
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    PC Any problems upgrading to windows 10?

    Thinking of upgrading to Windows 10 as well, how did you solve the G27 profiler issues? Were they an easy fix? @Blood*Specter
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    Open Makeshift Shuffle - No Tuning Races

    Hi, Looking for a club\league to race cleanly in and this one seems to be fun (I loved clean shuffle racing back in GT5) So, can I sign up? Thanks in advance Xerneas
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    FRL (Furi's Race Leagues): Phase #1 On PS3 2011-2015... Phase 2 Incoming...

    Hmmmm... there's a problem: I'don't think I will be available at the time of the races so I think I will have to pass 🙁🙁🙁🙁
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    FRL (Furi's Race Leagues): Phase #1 On PS3 2011-2015... Phase 2 Incoming...

    @Holdenhsvgtsr No I don't 🙁 ....yet 😏
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    FRL (Furi's Race Leagues): Phase #1 On PS3 2011-2015... Phase 2 Incoming...

    Hi, I was browsing the clubs and leagues section here in GTP and thought that FRL is actually very interesting. I was wondering if it's possible for me to join and if so how? Also to avoid any future problems, at what time are the races? Thanks in advance, Xerneas
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    Official GTPlanet GTA V Crew | Covering the World of Grand Theft Auto

    Social Club: superdi98 PSN ID: superdi98 GTP: Xx_Xerneas_xX I'd like to join the GTP crew for PS3
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    New Nissan on 10th June? Reveal on 16th

    ^ On June 10th we open the next chapter. The next chapter is another reveal date? I have no more words. This is all so sad. Then people were right. It doesn't match the cover
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    GT6 News Discussion

    Hi, Don't know if anyone has posted this yet but the Subaru VGT appears to be a race version of this: Subaru Advanced Tourer Concept edit: inserted two images... I am such a noob at this... sorry for the incovenience.
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    GT6 Easter Eggs and interesting finds

    It's in the game, many pictures in the photo thread show the symbols in the VGT's headlights.
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    The Bugs & Glitches Thread (New OP)

    Don't know if this has been said before, but while you can change the colour of the base model garaya's wheels, their colour remains unaltered. Have you found this problem in any other base model? Thx in advance and happy new year, Xerneas
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    New to the GTP_WRS? Introduce yourself

    Hi everyone, I would like to participate in these races, they seem like fun. PSN: superdi98
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    Post Your Latest GT6 Photos Here

    First of all I would like to say that there are some pretty neat pictures here. Congratulations to you all. Here are my contributions, what do you think of them? How can i improve? (all unedited)
  16. Willow Springs International Raceway_ Big Willow.jpg

    Willow Springs International Raceway_ Big Willow.jpg

  17. Matterhorn Dristelen .jpg

    Matterhorn Dristelen .jpg

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