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  1. GTracer38

    Motorsport OMG / WTF moments - Racing Funnies, Fails, Crashes, And Randomness

    Following on from this; the departure was almost as dramatic as the incident itself.
  2. GTracer38

    You learn something new... - Cars you didn't know existed, until now!

    That was a car I never knew of until one appeared at the local Hillclimb a couple years ago. Would have been cool to see it race over here.
  3. GTracer38

    Did You See Anything Good Today? [Read First Post]

    Saw this on the highway leaving Melbourne. Pretty cool - don't often see hot rods just on the highway.
  4. GTracer38

    GTracer38's Yard of Cars

    Time for an update! We did end up competing in the Shannons MA4 Festival late last year, which was good fun. Unfortunately the weekend highlighted just how much everyone else had stepped up their game - so even though we ran quicker than we ever had, we ran at the back all weekend. Still...
  5. GTracer38

    Touring Cars Production Car Racing (GT4, CTSCC, PWC GTS/TC, MX-5 Cup, etc)

    A shame they are only going to show one Excel race. I was looking forward to those. EDIT: Yeeesssshh, nevermind. Today's races were a flop unfortunately.
  6. GTracer38

    Touring Cars 2021 Repco Supercars Championship

    Kostecki car looks cool. Seem to have kept that pattern thing from the test car. Wonder if it will end up on WB's car too? There was a Red Bull BMW and Audi in DTM at one point but I don't know if that is still a thing or not. It does seem to have happened a bit in Supercars thought. The...
  7. GTracer38

    Test Your Badge Knowledge With Our Car Logo Quiz

    8/10 - I'd never seen any of the Mazda sub-brand logo's before and the last one had me lost. Good quiz!
  8. GTracer38

    Best Rear End

    These two are the ones I always end up coming back to: Alfa Giulia E38 Charger
  9. GTracer38

    GTracer38's Yard of Cars

    Went to the local hillclimb and competed for the first time in a couple of years (and first time in the comp car). Great fun! Had a pretty good run over the day given my lack of experience on the course. Set a new record for the Excel class on the figure-8 layout before a brake failure sent...
  10. GTracer38

    GTracer38's Yard of Cars

    Jeeeez its been a long year. This is still the most recent race event - perks of being in Victoria 😂😖 Fortunately I have been able to get on track on 3 separate occasions this year with varying degrees of success. - A Sandown test day earlier in June went well, no real issues...
  11. GTracer38

    Someone at GTPlanet is Among Us...

    *climbs out of vent* Tried it out today. Its good fun. Took me a couple goes to not die immediately. The whole teamwork vs not trusting anyone setup is interesting. I haven't been the imposter yet.
  12. GTracer38

    'Google Images' search your post count...

    This should be post 1208.
  13. GTracer38

    VinFast: Vietnamese, Pininfarina-Designed Luxury Cars

    A bit of thread bump but VinFast now own the old Holden proving grounds.
  14. GTracer38

    F1 2020 General Discussion Thread

    Thoroughly enjoying this game, 'My Team' career in particular. A mate and myself are now 3 races in to season two (trying to do a pseudo-coop career) and finding it a bit odd how different our results are. We pretty much match each other for pace and throughout Season 1 our results reflected...
  15. GTracer38

    GTracer38's Yard of Cars

    Yeah it is a great class. Cars are fun to drive (under-powered and over-tyred) and always a good turn out.
  16. GTracer38

    GTracer38's Yard of Cars

    Back on track in the Excel for 2020. The first round of the VIC Club Championship was last weekend at Sandown. I missed out on the Friday practice day (and hadn't had a pre-event run) so a wet Saturday was pretty testing. Managed to get through the day without incident having qualified 27th...
  17. GTracer38

    Forza Horizon 4: Paints and Designs

    Cheers! Here is a Bentley as well, which has been shared with and without the grille colouring and faux vent (from the GT3 car)
  18. GTracer38

    Forza Horizon 4: Paints and Designs

    A couple more generic manufacturer-style schemes now shared. GT: MadRacer38
  19. GTracer38

    Next Car Game: Wreckfest Coming to PS4 and Xbox One - 2017

    Got this a week or so ago and really enjoy it. Great game to just have a laugh on and surprising amount of continued enjoyment (still feels fresh each time). Only gripe is that private servers are limited to 8 players (or oddly 7 cars at the moment). 16 would be nice, particularly for demo...
  20. GTracer38

    Touring Cars 2020 Touring Car discussion (TCR, BTCC etc.)

    Toyota C-HR of some variety was out and about at Fuji It could be a TCR car. I think it may be a TCL car after having a read on the regs for that. It could be something completely different, I'm not really up-to-speed with non-Australian motorsport.