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  1. Fogerty_Jr

    (POLL) Will You Buy GT7? (Please read Bold in OP)

    No, I don't think I'll buy it. I have a pretty good pc, and for the time being I don't feel the need to get myself a console. I'm kinda disappointed by current gen consoles, and I'd have to buy a PS4 to play GT7 on purpose, hence it should really be a masterpiece for me to do so. Which, sorry to...
  2. Fogerty_Jr

    Gran Turismo 6 Memes (NO profanity/stupidity/obvious re-use/flooding)

    Well, not exactly related to GT6, but still noticeable
  3. Fogerty_Jr

    If you could take over Kaz's job, what would you do with GT7?

    Well, if you ask me... I would keep more or less the same stuff, improving graphics here and there to match new hardware capabilities, but using as few resources as possible. Than I'd pack that stuff into a shiny PS4 blueray, and sell it. You guys gonna buy anyways. Why should I bother?
  4. Fogerty_Jr

    GT7 Predictions

    My GT7 predictions are: 30-40 new cars (10-15 from the scratch, the others being taken from the advertised and never released GT6 DLCs) some 10 new tracks (again, 3-4 from the scratch, the others just like above) Annoying track editor à la GT5 Some new Vision GT junk Great but half backed...
  5. Fogerty_Jr

    20 standard cars you want to become premium (supposing all the others would be gone)

    Assuming that PD eventually found some common sense, and decided not to carry PS2 assets over to the PS4, and standing that only few "standards" can be saved by receiving premium treatment, what would be your choice? Here goes mine: Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA '66 Audi A3 3.2 Quattro '03 BMW...
  6. Fogerty_Jr

    Most Hated/Loved Corner In GT?

    Most hated: Carousel at the Nurb, 8 times out of 10 Most loved: Carousel at the Nurb, 2 times out of 10
  7. Fogerty_Jr

    Cars you wish were "premium"

    Toyota Celica TS ('00) Toyota MR2 ('02) BMW M3 E46 Peugeot 106 Rallie
  8. Fogerty_Jr

    POLL: Cr. 50million for around £20 / $30 / €25

    Neither would I pay for credit, nor would I grind like an idiot. I'm just assuming that a game is crippled, if it just gives these two options in order to get your hands on the best available cars. I'd just love to drive the Lambo Miura or the 250GTO, but I'm not likely to spend extra €30 to get...
  9. Fogerty_Jr

    Patience poll

    We're talking about having been fooled for five years here. Not a matter of patience, imo. When it comes to PD these days, there's only a chance I can be patient, and it's inside of an hospital.
  10. Fogerty_Jr

    PD must be doing something awesome.

    I'm with you. It most cerainly is the Curiosity mission on Mars.
  11. Fogerty_Jr

    Where did PD go Wrong?

    Where did they go wrong? Well, probably they've biten more than they could swallow when the PS3 came out. They either overestimated the hardware, or themselves. Later on, they failed to reshape their intentions when they turned out to be unreachable. They've lost a lot of time and effort in the...
  12. Fogerty_Jr

    GT6 server boycott: March 1-8

    So, let me see... I should refrain from using a product I've already purchased, so that they would make it better? Just like, "man, these new adidas I've bought really suck... I'ma walk barefoot for a week, pretty sure they'll regret making such a shameful product" Sorry, I might have missed...
  13. Fogerty_Jr


    I'm really not getting the point here. Do you genuinely think that I'm praising the Panda just to support italian cars?
  14. Fogerty_Jr


    You must be joking... this car is a piece of automotive history, it has been produced for 23 years and sold over 5 millions units (plus some other 800.000 sold under SEAT brand), with only slight changes over the years. The 4WD version (you can watch some videos on youtube as a proof) smoked...
  15. Fogerty_Jr

    What is your favorite PP range of cars?

    450-550. Best races I've had is 550 stock, using the F430 Scuderia <3