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  1. Krypton78

    Did SPORT ruin Gran Turismo?

    Describing competitiveness as ego-driven doesnt fit imo. Then you can call every motivated sport participiants as ego drivens or whatever. I played exessively GT2, GT4 and GT5. They were superior in that time and the AI and missions were often challenging, especially with the controller...
  2. Krypton78

    Did SPORT ruin Gran Turismo?

    I dont want to race (in this game stupid) AI and test cars for myself or whatever you can do when its just offline. The sportsmode has still its big weaknesses but (admittedly very) slowly they're getting somewhere. No other game provides organized races on that range and for that price in the...
  3. Krypton78

    2021 FIA Series Race Discussion

    Fully agree, its just disrespectfull. There were tons of data from prevoius seasons and several weeks between Exhibition season and now. If they needed more time then they estimated because they absolutely had to finish also the Group B - Bops in order to put the changes in 1 maintanence, then...
  4. Krypton78

    Fanatec CSL DD: Entry Level, $350 Direct Drive Wheel

    I'm very curious about their marketing strategie. Doesn't alone this anouncement of CSL DD at this point of time holding the players back, who where considering to buy a Podium? Because who cares about 20 Newton Meter peak torque that the Podium has as an advantage against CSL DD? Of course the...
  5. Krypton78

    Gran Turismo Sport Cross Over To A Real Simulator To Satisfy The Wheel Market

    real racing is overrated. - tyre wear is x 1 - the slipstream is really realistic - your competitiors know the track - your competitiors can't use you as a cornering assist - you have a biological penalty system - If someone is lagging, then you had taken something you shouldn't - if you...
  6. Krypton78


    Here is my oppinion. GT7 will be a GTS with nicer look (4K and so on) and a little GT4 flair (perhaps with offline championchip races). There will be no improvemet in penalty system. They are struggling since over 3 years and its not because of less CPU Power for penalty system on the PS4 or...
  7. Krypton78

    Dialy races, demolition derby

    Unfortunately in GTS there is no way out really. The best thing you can do is to try to get into higher lobbys. There are still to much over-motivated guys there who destroy races but at least they mostly know where you have to brake in slipstream and where on track you can overtake and where...
  8. Krypton78

    Wheel position detection sensor location

    Thanks for the quick answer! It should not be because of display (5ms, Asus Pxxx something, its for gaming) Very interesting. So Fanatec seems to be a little ahead from Thrustmaster regarding this. The reason why I ask is not mainly because its an big issue for me. I observed that recently...
  9. Krypton78

    Wheel position detection sensor location

    Hi, As far as I know there are 2 kinds of connections between the wheel shaft and the shaft from the electrical motor - with belt (Fanatec, Thrustmaster) - with gear/ cogwheel (Logitec G29) Now there must be a sensor in any wheel which detects the actual position of the rotation in order to...
  10. Krypton78

    2021 FIA Series Race Discussion

    Ok, sad for me 🙂 thanks for the quick answer!
  11. Krypton78

    2021 FIA Series Race Discussion

    Does anybody know if you can or cannot get S-Rank in exhibition Series? Because I finished top 200 in Nations yesterday (EMEA) but nothing happened 😕
  12. Krypton78


    I just watched some streams of races in higher A+ Lobbys. Sometimes you can have an idea why a penalty is given out but still mostly not. A car B cant avoid hitting car A because A was slowed down from an incident. Now the car C in the behind cant do anything else then hitting car B. What...
  13. Krypton78


    PD's Project of Penalty System can easily provide more than enough matter for a doctoral thesis. Finding out the mystery of how an established company can make so many things so wrong in 1 game. Riding a dead horse for years.
  14. Krypton78

    Gran Turismo Sport Update v1.61 Arrives

    "Apparently the slipstream range has gone back down to ~0.8 seconds (according to Twitter)" That would be good news if true. The unrealistic strong+long ranged slipstream destroyed the whole game all time. Not only in races but more important it made all the qualyfying sessions just ridiculous
  15. Krypton78

    The GT7 Wish list (Read OP)

    Sportmode: - working Penalty System Cars: - I'm good with the cars in GTS, as long as they are also available GT7 it would be fine with me Tracks: - the classic tracks would be nice but as somebody who played all the previous titles I don't need to drive them again and again and again - more...
  16. Krypton78

    Gran Turismo 7 Revealed for PlayStation 5

    As a (well, meanwhile I have to say ex-) sportmode focused player, all the graphics and so on are for me just not important, if they dont re-build the penalty system from zero up and also rethink their chaos-on-track-causing crazy tyre wear philosophy (actual Supra Cup: tyre wear x18 in Laguna...
  17. Krypton78

    Gran Turismo Sport's Next Update Arrives June 4

    I'm afraid that invites ppl to ram/ be uncautious even more
  18. Krypton78


    I still play it much but 90% community racing and very rare sportsmode, and I fully understand you. Meanwhile I came to the conclusion that they don't want to know. The difference of divebombing and a regular move is that in a regular move the overtaker manages to stop at the apex and doesn't...
  19. Krypton78


    After 2 and a half years of playing this game from the very beginning and watching... - the completely broken penalty system - the broken point system - or whatever System - the politics of not communicating with the community - choosing the most wrong possible decission on every opportunity...
  20. Krypton78

    GT Sport Undocumented Changes Thread (1.57)

    yes 100% And it looks like there are more differences between the cars. At setting 2 with gr.2 car ist more torqe while steering than at a gr.4 car for example. But I'm not sure if this was that way before also, since I did use only Setting 1 and there it was equal easy at every car