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  1. F1man

    Longest signatures...

    You know when it's a necro post when I subscribed to this thread 8 years ago and just got an e-mail saying someone just replied to it.
  2. F1man

    What do you want to do with your life?

    I'm joining the Army this summer and doing basic training, then getting into college. I'm still not 100% sure what I want to do after college, whether it'd be Military Police or being in an Anti-Terrorism force, or maybe something completely different.. I'll see when the time comes I suppose...
  3. F1man

    Zombie Survival Quiz..

  4. F1man

    Let's see those desktops (rev 4.0)

    That's me.
  5. F1man

    Let's see those desktops (rev 4.0)

    Heh, it's been a long time since I've actively posted here.. Must've been like 2004 or something. Anyways, hi to everyone. Thought I may show my excessively boring desktop:
  6. F1man

    Grand Theft Auto IV

    Oh, don't get me started on Jack Thompson... He's an idiot because he thinks video games is the center of all violence. I'd like to make a mod to put him into San Andreas so I can shoot him in the face or something.
  7. F1man

    help me with the hybrids plz!!!

  8. F1man

    very nice escudo setup!! (better turning!)

  9. F1man

    what is your favorite car?

  10. F1man

    Trying to do a flip!

  11. F1man

    PSC: Nissan

  12. F1man

    Grand Prix of Edmonton

    Who here is going to it? I am, and I'm pretty excited. I hope I can see one of you there. Thanks.
  13. F1man

    Multi-player GTA

    Coming along nicely, It wont be long before its out... Thats all I can say. 🙂
  14. F1man

    No Online for GTA:SA

    You need the all-seeing eye.
  15. F1man

    No Online for GTA:SA

    Maybe in MTA 0.4? ;)
  16. F1man

    No Online for GTA:SA

    Thats when Multi-Theft-Auto (MTA) Or ViceMultiPlayer (VMP) Comes in... 😛
  17. F1man

    Can't log out !!

    Try clearing your cookies by going to Tools > Internet Options and by pressing the delete cokkies button. Then close your browser and reopen GTP then you should be logged out. 🙂
  18. F1man

    Multi-player GTA

    Yes. Plenty of progress. 🙂 Still no chatbox, but thats being implemented as we speak (its somewhat hard to implement as it requires DirectX hacking). All the other features are still being worked on. Here are a couple of videos...
  19. F1man

    Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Quiz Thread

    1-866-9-bury-me ?