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    Gran Turismo 7 Releasing in "First Half of 2021"

    Yeah i know that, but thats not my point. Another user knew exactly what i was pointing out. I dont want to go too deep but let me just say that, lets say you are coutner steering, the tyres, the steering wheel and your joystick movement will not match at this point. You can clearly feel what...

    Gran Turismo 7 Releasing in "First Half of 2021"

    Yeah but i dont really play with the motion sensor but still thanks for your advice. Iam such a big GT fan but this steering issue kills all my excitement. Back then i would get each new GT day 1 and play it for years. GT Sport and GT 7 are a exception unfortunately. It killed my excitement so...

    Gran Turismo 7 Releasing in "First Half of 2021"

    Havent commented here for a while and iam not really playing GT anymore. I would like to say why because this is kinda connected to the upcoming Gran Turismo. After GT 6, so in GT Sport, the handling (steering) changed heavily. It got similar to Codemasters/Ubisoft games. What i mean by that...

    F1 Offers Free F1 TV For 30 Days

    Yeah, this is available for a few days now .. but keep in mind, you need a credit card for it which is a shame to say atleast...

    NASCAR Driver Rage-Quits Esports Event, Loses Real World Sponsor

    Ofcourse these things changed which is quite normal but your connection is not really right in my opinion. Motorsport was always expensive and it still is, but the reason sponsors entering is a different one. This actually applies to nearly every field. If the viewerbase is high, sponsors will...

    NASCAR Driver Rage-Quits Esports Event, Loses Real World Sponsor

    I dont exactly know what happened and i dont watch these "esports" races to fill the gap cause of the suspended real races.. But, i can completely understand rage quitting. I sim raced for many many years, way before it was popular. I started with a 80bucks plastic toy wheel and went up all the...

    Fast and Furious 9 Trailer Shows the Franchise Isn't Slowing Down

    The franchise isnt slowing down? I thought its already dead. Reading comments or talking to FF fans, its obvious that the core viewers have left the FF Train. Other people, if at all, are watching it. The reason for that is simple, like a ex worker of that studio said, the newer movies have...

    Need for Speed HEAT Revealed, Arrives November 8

    Looks heavily like Pro Street and at night a bit of police action. In MY opinion, it looks a bit disappointing, but hey, why listen to the fans right? NFS Fans literally screaming to just remaster Underground1/2 or MW or to do a similar game like these but nope! And graphically, it looks like...

    iRacing's New Damage Model Looks Amazing

    In my opinion the crash physics arent that good. Front bumber, rear, spoilers etc. fall off but the car itself doesnt seem to get damaged that much... Even GTA 4 has a better one 😁:D

    GRID 2019

    Holly s... I literally read "GTR Reboot". Omg, sry.. But yeah, still waiting for GTR 3 😁

    GRID 2019

    Still waiting for GTR 3... those liars. How many times did the development start again? Dont show videos or sound demos when you cant hold your standards...

    F1 2019: Talking Realism with Car Handling Designer David Greco

    Does F1 appear in this combo? No, and it will not. Each Sim has pros and cons, they are not flawless, but they all do a very good job when it comes to simulating real cars... F1 doesnt do that, and it probably never will cause of Codemasters target group..

    F1 2019: Talking Realism with Car Handling Designer David Greco

    Maybe you didnt read my post but i clearly stated that iam playing with a gamepad (a controller). I also told you that i have experience with many different input devices, you will not believe, while waiting for my DD Parts i joined a couple of iRacing races with a gamepad (controller) and won a...

    F1 2019: Talking Realism with Car Handling Designer David Greco

    ... I will just leave it here edit: Whatever i will comment. -will go over well with the hardcore sim racers is I have given much more grip loss to the tire when you’re outside the peak. So in theory — at least this is how I feel, and is what has happened to me — you have to be much smoother...

    Celebrate 70 Years of Abarth With the Giant-Killing 1000TC Berlinetta

    Power & Glory Mod for GTR 2. This car and the Racetrack in (was it) Sweden !? Forgot the name of it but wow what a combination. Drove it with basic wheels all the way up to DD wheels and the only thing i can seay is, holly ****. If you have GTR 2 and if you were living under the rock, download...

    Formula 1 Formula 1 2018-19 off season thread

    In "normal" F1 Races where the Race proceeds/runs without any special issues/conditions etc will end like this: On most of the tracks, Mercedes and Ferrari will battle at the front, and RedBull or maybe a "best of the rest" Team will pit for new tyres at the end and easily get the fastest lap...

    Calling All GT Sport Livery Editors: Williams Esports Wants Your Skills

    I was exactly going to write that. Nothing against the people doing that, and nothing against their "skill" but iam pretty sure you should come up with new designs that has the Williams style in the core of it, like colours etc. Remaking old styles is probably not what is wanted here and yeah...

    TV The Amazon Prime Not Topgear Show That From Now On Will Be Called "The Grand Tour"

    Maybe an unpopular opinion but i honestly have to say that the Grand Tour was really boring. I have wached the last 2 seasons and iam really disappointed. I dont remember so well but what goes through my mind is that it was boring because everything felt (and probably is) scripted. Even the bad...

    Porsche 935

    In my opinion those classics should remain what they are. A 300 SL a CLK GTR (just a few examples of Mercedes cause iam a Mercedes fan) should always remain what they are. They shouldnt make a modern 300 Sl version 2.0 or something. What is very nice is when a manufacturer uses the old design...

    SimBin Studios Targeting Q2 2019 for the Release of GTR 3

    I thought they were going to release a video or gameplay at the gamescom event ? ......