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This Week's Donkey Kong Challenge:

Circuit Experience
Willow Springs International Raceway: Horse Thief Mile - Sector Two
Car is the Delta HF Integrale Evo '91
Beat a time of 28.030
Open to all SNAIL members

Well done to those who achieved last weeks goal. And of course Nic on another top ten time.
How do I submit a time for this?
400K miles wow, that's cool, respect ! Cars are meant to be used and as long as you treat it well, which clearly you do, they will last a long time.

Mine's a 03 GT that I bought three years ago at 70K miles but now she's at 85K miles. For a car that gets used half the year, I'm slowly getting there. It's my daily during the summer months and my bike shuttle to the trails. I also installed a hitch and a bike rack so I'm merging both of my passions driving to the trails while listening to the sound of the slow but melodious 4.6 2V with my bike on the rack.
I get that. I would use mine year round if it weren’t for the snow and bad weather we get during winter. So for snow I keep my bug Ford Expedition. She ain’t pretty or good on gas but never gotten stuck in any snow so if works. I also had an ‘01 Cobra a few years back but sadly I lost it during a low point along with my first car a 2000 Honda Civic. Both were great cars and a lot of fun but things happen and I’m just happy to have saved the ‘94. This car has been in my life before I was born. My grandfather got it nearly new is the 90s and then gave it to my dad. Who eventually kind of gave it to me since it needed work that I could do to it. I used to be taken to preschool in that car so I doubt I’ll ever be letting go of it.
How do I submit a time for this?
If you are on my friends list, I'll see it. But that isn't a requirement. It's mainly for fun and of course the challenge. Also a great excuse to wager $hells. Information about $hells and how to earn them can be found in the SNAIL Marketplace.

Speaking of.. I challenge @Dragonwhisky for a sub-twenty eight time.
I would like to challenge @Worst_Driver too, but he needs to claim some $hells first.