20 million credits for free!

United Kingdom
250 GTOs were still 6mil in 1.07.

In hindsight, and considering everything I've done on GT6 since the glitch, I'm so glad I basically stopped playing the game for a week and just did the glitch over and over. I couldn't of done half the things I have done and the game would've been so boring for me. The red bulls don't excite me at all (I haven't even done them yet!) and grinding them just to be able to build road cars that I want to drive would've been a complete game ruiner
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
No reputable company with a half decent public relations department would decide to ban or take any sort of legal action against it's customers who PAID for their product in the first place; ESPECIALLY when a massive proportion of these customers had enough common sense to take advantage of a fault with the product until it was fixed.

But sadly PD has only a 1% decent public relations unit, because they want you to pay for cars or waste hundreds of hours grinding, just to get access to cool cars PD themselves had to pay loads for you to have, only then to make them hard for you to have by making up 20m pricetags. I wish I could implement a car price limit of 5m, everyone would be happy, although they shouldn't be because 99% of people who drove all those race cars didn't have to pay at all, and therefore except the really old ones all racing cars since 2000 should all be prize cars.
South Africa
South Africa
You know, I had an analogy for microtransactions.
I wont support it, but here is the predicament people like me face.

Imagine there is a fire and people like me are waiting for it to die out. Then, other people (that support microtransactions) go over to the fire and start throwing fuel on it.

Who do you think is going to win?

My message is simple, DONT SUPPORT MICROTRANSACTIONS like this real cash for credit garbage and if you do, you are killing our hobby and this franchise for us.