2016 Verizon IndyCar Series Open Wheel

Discussion in 'Motorsport' started by VNAF Ace, Apr 4, 2006.

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    01. Sunday, March 12, 2017. Streets of St. Petersburg, Florida, United States.
    02. Sunday, April 9, 2017. Streets of Long Beach, California, United States.
    03. Sunday, April 23, 2017. Barber Motorsports Park, Birmingham, Alabama, United States.
    04. Saturday, April 29, 2017. Phoenix International Raceway, Avondale, Arizona, United States.
    05. Saturday, May 13, 2017. Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Indianapolis, Indiana, United States.
    06. Sunday, May 28, 2017. Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Indianapolis, Indiana, United States.
    07. Saturday, June 3, 2017. Belle Isle, Detroit, Michigan, United States.
    08. Sunday, June 4, 2017. Belle Isle, Detroit, Michigan, United States.
    09. Saturday, June 10, 2017. Texas Motor Speedway, Fort Worth, Texas, United States.
    10. Sunday, June 25, 2017. Road America, Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, United States.
    11. Sunday, July 9, 2017. Iowa Speedway, Newton, Iowa, United States.
    12. Sunday, July 16, 2017. Exhibition Place, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
    13. Sunday, July 30, 2017. Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, Lexington, Ohio, United States.
    14. Sunday, August 20, 2017. Pocono Raceway, Long Pond, Pennsylvania, United States.
    15. Saturday, August 26, 2017. Gateway Motorsports Park, Madison, Illinois, United States.
    16. Sunday, September 3, 2017. Watkins Glen International, Watkins Glen, New York, United States.
    17. Sunday, September 17, 2017. Sonoma Raceway, Sonoma, California, United States.

    2014 Honda and Chevrolet IndyCars

    2016 Chevrolet IndyCar


    2016 Honda IndyCar

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    United States Dallas,Texas

    Looking forward to the series. nice job on getting the info.:tup: Perhaps you could help me out in my news thread.
  3. Here are the big news stories for the 2006 CCWS...

    Katherine Legge will become the 1st female driver to compete full-time in the CCWS. She will be driving for PKV Racing along with Oriol Servia and Jimmy Vasser.

    1996 CART Champion Jimmy Vasser will only run select races this season. This is probably his last season as a driver.

    In just 2 seasons, RuSPORT (who runs A.J. Allmendinger and Justin Wilson) has risen to the top. Can one of their drivers finally take the championship from Newman/Hass Racing this season?

    In just 2 seasons, A.J. Allmendinger has shown that he can race at the front. A.J. is the great American driver that Champ Car needs to bring American fans back. Can he finally score his 1st win and fight for the championship?

    Sebatien Bourdais vs Paul Tracy. SB (2004 & 2005 CCWS Champion) took out PT twice last season, and ruined PT's chances of winning the championship. This heated rivalry ain't over.

    Champ Car, Cosworth, and Panoz are currently developing the next-gen Champ Car set to debut next season.

    Tony George (IRL owner) and Kevin Kalkhoven (CCWS owner) have confirmed that they're talking about merging their 2 series. Hopefully, they'll end the split, and it will once again be known as the IndyCar World Series.
  4. Someone please beat knock Bourdais off the pole tomorrow!!! :lol:
  5. Blake

    Australia NSW, Australia

    I’m impressed with the performances of Will Power and da Matta in qualy one.

    I really hope that RuSport can continue to mix it up with the front guys, they’ve done an amazing job over the last two years.

    It was a shame that Servia couldn’t get a drive at Newman/Haas—I thought he did a bloody good job last season.

    Dominguez, Pizzonia, and Legge were pretty dissapointing. I really can’t see Legge living up to the hype this year.
  6. Unfortunately, Newman/Hass couldn't secure sponsorship for a 3rd car. And to make things worse, PacifiCare also left the #2 car. Bruno now has Hole In The Wall Camps (Paul Newman's camp for gravely ill children) on his side pods. It may be for a good cause, but it's not a real sponsorship deal from a 3rd party. Newman/Hass' cars used to be loaded with sponsors like K-Mart and Texaco.

    Red Bull is only on A.J.'s rear wing end-plates. I'm hoping Red Bull decides to pay for a full sponsorship deal once A.J. scores his 1st win.

    Paul Tracy only has Indeck on his sidepods. Indeck is one of Gerry Forsythe's companies. That's definitely not as good as the deal they used to have with Player's.

    I really hope the merger goes through this year. Both series are having trouble and a merger is what we need to rebuild the sport.
  7. SB holds onto the pole... But my favorite team, RuSPORT, is right on his tail! :)

    I hope AJ can finally score his first win tomorrow.
  8. Blake

    Australia NSW, Australia

    Predictable start to the season.

    You’d think Bourdais’ domination would earn him some more attention in F1 circles, but you only hear his name mentioned every now and then. :indiff:
  9. SB has said he would only go to F1 if a competitive team offers him a race seat. The top teams either don't have a race seat availiable, or they don't even care about SB. I may not be a fan of SB, but I hope he does stay in CC. CC cannot afford to let their best drivers to leave for F1 if they want to rebuild their series.
  10. Blake

    Australia NSW, Australia

    Yes, I understand the reasons why he hasn’t got a race drive. However, I think he has done enough to deserve a shot at a comptitive seat.
  11. I think SB deserves a race seat in F1 too, but I'd much rather have him stay in CC. Losing drivers to F1 was another factor that led to the decline of CART.

    CC should not be 2nd to F1. I still consider it the ultimate challenge for an OW driver.
  12. The race was a bore because that 1st lap accident took out most of Bourdais' competition.

    All I have to say is... #### you Dominguez! Your idiotic move took out A.J., Bruno, Oriol, and Paul! :censored:

    United States Dallas,Texas

    even more irony this weekend. SB wins the 12 hours of sebring, which is the first round of the ALMS, and then comes to long beach and wins the first round of the CCWS.
  14. Bourdais' car failed to pass the post-qualifying technical inspection for unspecified reasons... :lol:
  15. The starting lineup for tomorrow night's Houston GP!
  16. Blake

    Australia NSW, Australia

    Wow, an all Forsythe front row—I can’t remember seeing one of those in a fair while.

    I’m suprised Bourdais didn’t pass the post-qualifying technical inspecion. Newman/Haas is the sort of team I would expect to check, and double check, everything. Should be an interesting race, I think.
  17. Did anyone else watch the race?
  18. dougiemeats


    I missed it :grumpy:
  19. Good news for you. SPEED will re-broadcast the Houston GP on Wednesday afternoon at 12:00 PM EDT. Just set your VCR or DVR to record 2.5 hours. :tup:
  20. mwoodski

    United States Connecticut.

    I saw the interviews at the end, I won;t say what happened, as not to spoil it for anyone, but all I'll say is that Justin Wilson has one hell of a mean set of blisters on his hands.
  21. Blake

    Australia NSW, Australia

    Yeah, I saw it. Was very good stuff – dissapointing about Mario, he had a reasonable race up until the spin.

    Any word on how Tagliani was after his incident? I imagine he was quite shaken up, if nothing else.

    All in all a good race, but was quite an anti-climax at the end.
  22. Starting lineup for the 2006 Monterrey GP @ Fundidora Park, Monterrey, Mexico
    1 | #1 | Sebastien Bourdais (FRA) | Newman/Hass Racing | 1:13.253 | 103.401 MPH
    2 | #9 | Justin Wilson (GBR) | RuSPORT | 1:13.532 | 103.008 MPH
    3 | #10 | A.J. Allmendinger (USA) | RuSPORT | 1:13.796 | 102.640 MPH
    4 | #2 | Bruno Junqueira (BRA) | Newman/Hass Racing | 1:13.911 | 102.480 MPH
    5 | #3 | Paul Tracy (CAN) | Forsythe Championship Racing | 1:14.009 | 102.344 MPH
    6 | #15 | Alex Tagliani (CAN) | Team Australia | 1:14.534 | 101.623 MPH
    7 | #6 | Oriol Servia (ESP) | PKV Racing | 1:14.553 | 101.598 MPH
    8 | #7 | Mario Dominguez (MEX) | Forsythe Championship Racing | 1:14.692 | 101.408 MPH
    9 | #5 | Will Power (AUS) | Team Australia | 1:14.884 | 101.148 MPH
    10 | #34 | Charles Zwolsman (NED) | Mi-Jack Conquest Racing | 1:15.162 | 100.774 MPH
    11 | #11 | Jan Heylen (BEL) | Dale Coyne Racing | 1:15.220 | 100.697 MPH
    12 | #19 | Cristiano da Matta (BRA) | Dale Coyne Racing | 1:15.253 | 100.652 MPH
    13 | #27 | Andrew Ranger (CAN) | Mi-Jack Conquest Racing | 1:15.410 | 100.443 MPH
    14 | #14 | Dan Clarke (GBR) | CTE Racing - HVM | 1:15.484 | 100.344 MPH
    15 | #4 | Nelson Philippe (FRA) | CTE Racing - HVM | 1:15.540 | 100.270 MPH
    16 | #8 | Nicky Pastorelli (NED) | Rocketsports Racing | 1:16.285 | 99.291 MPH
    17 | #20 | Katherine Legge (GBR) | PKV Racing | 1:16.351 | 99.205 MPH
  23. Blake

    Australia NSW, Australia

    I really like this track. Last years race was not bad, but I think it will be another Bourdais-affairthis year. :indiff:
  24. Bourdais won his 4th race in a row at Milwaukee yesterday. He got a punctured tire early in the race, and yet he still manages to come back and win it.

    In other news...

    Mario Dominguez makes his 3rd major mistake in the last 4 races and causes his 2nd major 1st lap accident of the season. This time, his boneheaded move took out Bruno Junqueria and Paul Tracy on the 1st lap. I have only one thing to say... Stop ruining the races you idiot! And stop screwing over your teammate!

    Katherine Legge became the first woman to lead laps in a Champ Car race.

    16 Champ Cars started this race, and 19 IRL cars started the race at Watkins Glen. Get the merger done ASAP.
  25. Big news!

    RuSPORT replaced A.J. Allmendinger with Cristiano da Matta last Friday. Cristiano will drive the #10 car.

    Forsythe Championship Racing released Mario Dominguez on Monday.

    Today, Forsythe Championship Racing signs A.J. Allmendinger. A.J. will drive the #7 car. And he will be teamed up with former mentor Paul Tracy! :tup:

    Look out Seabass! The 2 most aggressive drivers in the series are now on the same team! :cool:

    Check the CCWS site (link in sig) if you want more details.
  26. Blake

    Australia NSW, Australia

    The only part of that I didn’t see coming was da Matta. I wonder what he can do against Justin Wilson…
  27. Tracy was a former kart owner of Allmendingers if I'm not mistaken. The guys are baisically like teacher and pupil. They have had some disagreements and scrapes (but you can't be 100% with everyone in racing.) However I see them gelling and working together very well. As for Wilson and Da Matta, if Da Matta stays as mild-mannered as he has been this year, they'll do fine. I think Wilson and Allmendinger were opposites and that helped their relationship and made them an incredible pairing for the future. In the case of Wilson and Da Matta, Da Matta can be a bit of a pre-madonna(sp.?) so if he stays "cool" like he's been so far this year they can be another formidable team. Da Matta could probably turn Justin into a champion. I think Champcar just got THAT much more exciting. Too bad about Mario, he wasn't a bad driver, I think he just expects to much of himself and probably would have grown with Tracy as a mentor. Unfortunately that got off on the wrong foot and Tracy pulled a Tracy and baisically shut Mario out. I hope that Robin Miller is right and Ryan Hunter-Ray or however you spell his last name, gets a drive. We need AMERICANS in an AMERICAN series. That is, aside from the split of fans, the only thing I think Champcar gains from unification (but that's another story)... American drivers.

  28. :nervous: But isn't that being xenophobic? Don't you just want to see the best drivers, regardless of nationality? Just kidding. :) But that's the response by some people whenever the lack of American drivers is brought up.

    I never understood why the Brazilians were able to support their drivers, the French their drivers, the Japanese can support their drivers, but if Americans want to see more American drivers in open-wheel racing, it's somehow xenophobic.

    Okay, back on topic. :)
  29. a6m5

    United States OREGON

    I have never attended any kind of racing before, but looks like Champ Car's Portland GP this Sunday will be my first. I got free tickets + Paddock Passes(whatever they are).

    I don't know how good the tickets are, but since I've always wanted to attend a openwheel races, I'm very excited regardless.
  30. I hope you have a great time, despite Bourdais probably running away with the race. Wait, now that Dominguez is out, guys like Tracy and Junquiera might actually have a chance to challenge. ;)

    BTW, love the sig. :tup:
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