2017 GTP Awards - Voting!

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We've counted the nominations, crunched the numbers and now it's time for you to have your say in the GTP Awards.

You'll find links below to each of the poll threads where you can pick your winners in each of our categories. Simply click on the link in each category to be taken to a poll thread, mull it over and click on who or what you think is the most deserving nominee.

Polls will be open for one week and the winners will be announced in early 2018!

Most Helpful Member
We're pretty much all a helpful bunch here, but who goes out of their way to help as many people as possible?

Friendliest Member
Who always greets you with a smile on their face (if you could see it), and warm-hearted messages?
Funniest Member
Who makes you laugh the most with their great (or awful!) sense of humor?

Nuttiest Member
Bonkers, barmy, nutty call it what you will. Who is the most... that?
Most Knowledgeable Member
Who here has the biggest brain?

Most Opinionated Member
Who seems to voice their opinions more than most? Perhaps they may be found in discussions or debates?

Quote of the Year
Thought-provoking, genius, ridiculous or just plain side-splitting - what's the best thing you've read on GTPlanet this year?

Thread of the Year
A good forum lives and dies by its threads, and we're looking for the discussion that's had you most enthralled this year.

New Member of the Year
Someone that has joined in the last year and has needed no tuition in how to be a great GTP member. They have contributed to the forums from the word 'go'!
Member of the Year
Who has been the member who has, more than any other, made GTPlanet the place you keep coming back to?

2016 Winners:
Most Helpful Member - @SlipZtrEm
Friendliest Member - @TB
Funniest Member - @Danny!
Nuttiest Member - @Danny!
Most Knowledgeable Member - @Famine
Most Opinionated Member - @prisonermonkeys
Quote of the Year - @homeforsummer
Thread of the Year - Is a Hot Dog a Sandwich, posted by @Joel
New Member of the Year - @Burn Fossils
Member of the Year - @Jordan
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