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Horner makes the remark that Checo's contract is a 1+1 deal.
We decided to extend Checo for one more year, but in the meantime we also wanted to exercise Yuki's option. He is doing great at RB at the moment. So yes, he will stay for another year."

"Well, 1+1=2, so it is a two-year contract. As with any contract, there is all sorts of things in it, but that is, of course, between the driver and the team."

Which, is being questioned as contradictory to what Marko said.
Marko confirmed that the two parties did indeed meet in the middle when asked if it was a conventional two-year contract, or it there was a clause involved.

"Formula 1 contracts always have clauses, the Austrian said. "But in a general sense it is a two-year contract."
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Horner makes the remark that Checo's contract is a 1+1 deal.

Which, is being questioned as contradictory to what Marko said.

Perhaps it's getting shorter with every Q1 exit? 2 > 1+1 > 1 . By Hungary he'll be owing them years and Lawson will be on a +2.

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BusinessF1 reports Newey has signed an unannounced deal with Ferrari & claims the following details in the agreement:
  • The contract was signed before the Miami Grand Prix on April 29, with the announcement of his departure from Red Bull on May 1.
  • Red Bull might not have been aware of this agreement beforehand.
  • Newey’s contract with Ferrari extends until 2027.
  • He will earn $105 million over the duration of the contract.
  • Additionally, a $5 million commission will be paid to his manager, Eddie Jordan.
  • The renowned car designer prefers to remain composed and postpone any announcements. It appears that the English engineer has not discussed this with many people.

Edit* The article also dives a bit into the Horner-Newey relationship, citing it dissolved after Dietrich passed away & long before the sexual allegations came to light. It also note's his PA's name & the way she was treated was a catalyst for his departure.
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his manager, Eddie Jordan
Not the first time EJ has squeezed a few pennies out of Ferrari.
$5 million commission
Just run a quick calculation through a USD inflation calculator;

The $1 million EJ scored in 1996 would be worth $2 million today so he's more than double bubble. Then again, Adrian Newey is a far more valuable commodity than Eddie Irvine was. :lol:
Wasn't BusinessF1 the people that started talking rubbish about Susie Wolff? Not sure I can trust that.

However, other F1 outlets seem to be piggy-backing the story as well citing BusinessF1 as the source. There's also some precise details being shared, so it will be interesting if the outlet is on point.
Great timing, my son asked me this morning if I would like to go to a GP with him. He's not a motorsport fan but works in the airline industry so flights are very cheap (business class all the way) and he loves to travel. My first comment was yeah sure but I think you will be surprised what tickets for the actual GP cost. My initial thought was Japan as it's pretty close so it looks like that's a good option. FWIW he had a quick look and the minimum cost for a grandstand seat for the weekend in Japan and it was around $1200 Australian dollars, not cheap but not too expensive. I suppose it's all relative to your personal situation.
So is this for a 1 day general admission ticket or a 3 day one? Either way it's quite hilarious how the Brits have to pay more than twice as much as us Aussies. Then there's Las Vegas. What the hell? How bloody elitist is that? I think it's extraordinary how prices can differ from race to race.
Oh they fired Danica before Austria.

“While we respect Danica Patrick’s right to explore different subjects on her personal platforms, the nature of the recent discussions is not in line with the values and standards we uphold at SKY SPORT. We strive to maintain a level of professionalism and credibility that our viewers expect from us.”
I can't find any confirmation online other than that is a fake story.

I can't find any confirmation online other than that is a fake story.

She was allegedly part of a podcast, where she actively theorizes about the existence of lizard people in our society.
Allegedly? This isn't some court case where you have to be careful of your claims, she's 100% on record of participating in such a silly theory, lol.
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F1 but off the track from Hollywood. Didn't know they chose Silverstone weekend to debut the premiere trailer for "F1", in just a few minutes of this post.

Actually doesn't look horrendous, cool camera work on the Apex cars, could be a fun film.
I think it looks good. I think it will be when it comes out.
I'm definitely giving it a chance. I don't think it will outperform Rush, but Lewis is tying his name to it & Bruckheimer and Kosinski are reunited after putting out Top Gun: Maverick a couple years ago which was well received.