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I'm actually pretty surprised they opt to have milwaukee as a double header, and the last oval of the season.

I hope it's not a gimmick fest like Iowa is with the concerts and stuff.

As far a Texas is concerned, it's Texas. The only thing Indy had going for them was the light show when they held that race at night.
I really am happy that the Milwaukee Labor Day rumors were true, mainly because I took the gamble and booked a room at the hotel across the street from the track last week. :lol:

Also plan on going to Road America and Iowa.
Having a 1 month gap between races so early in the season makes no sense.
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Listening to the press conference announcing IndyCar's return to the Milwaukee Mile, it sounds like it's going to be a fest, as the State Fair Park Board is going to be directly promoting the races (in the past, it was third-party promoters), and they're planning on opening more of the Fair Park for not only food but entertainment (again, in the past, pretty much only the track was open).

That is a Texas-sized hole early in the season, a downstream effect of NBCUniversal's demand that both IndyCar and NASCAR stop racing for the Olympics. NASCAR apparently has scheduling priority at Texas Motor Speedway, and they're moving to the April date that IndyCar had.

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