2024 Dodge Charger Daytona Unveiled- Stellantis' First All New Muscle Car, and it's an EV

Yeah, I don't understand the backlash before there are even official stats. If (and when) it outruns the other muscle cars, most people will either quit whining or whine for different reasons.
I thought sound was wasted energy that only filthy ICE cars made??? Why are they wasting energy in an EV to make sound?

Btw Gran Turismo vacuum cleaner cars are real now.
It’d be something if people start hacking those sounds with Mr Softee jingles and diesel noises.
A more production-ready version of the new Charger has been presented at this year's SEMA show. Some information about powertrain and performance has also been unveiled; 400-volt models come with 455 hp (340 kW / 461 PS) or 590 hp (440 kW / 598 PS) as standard, but both versions can be boosted by adding Dodge Direction Connection eStage 1 or eStage 2 upgrades that each get the crystal key.

Stage 1 lifts the 455 hp model to 495 hp (370 kW / 502 PS), while eStage 2 raises output again to 535 hp (400 kW / 542 PS). Start with the 590 hp car though, and those eStage 1 and 2 mods swell output to 630 hp (470 kW / 639 PS) and 670 hp (500 kW / 679 PS). An 800-volt model will also be part of the lineup; although power figures are not yet known, it seems likely that it will be even greater than the Hellcat's 807hp.





Looking good! Loving the bigger sidewalls on it, very much helps the car's "muscle car" facet.

Edit: Those rims need knockoffs!
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I have to admit I'm liking it. It looks a bit like a cross between the outgoing Challenger and the Audi A5. That's not a bad thing. The hatchback is a big selling point.
And you know the crazy thing? I believe GM can design a car that can look even better! Balls in their court.
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I applaud Dodge for keeping this car/style going. It makes even more sense now, due to time changing. The technology is here for iconic cars to remain relevant. This is proof it can look good and comply with the future of the industry.

If Porsche can keep their evolution frog cars on the table, so should everyone else. Offering those packages and upgrades are like the trims of the past. We'll see how much this Challenger can be specified and personalised by the buyer.
Oh hell to the no. The Viper is one of the few legendary muscle cars they haven't yet ruined the legacy of.
1. The Viper isn’t a muscle car.
2. How does electrification instantaneously “ruin the legacy” of a muscle car?
When's the EV Dodge Viper coming out?
I still don't think this makes any sense. The Viper is minimalist supercar built for the track. Heavy batteries are exactly what it should not have and they would only ruin the feel of the car. Electrification makes more sense in a Challenger, Camaro, or Mustang. Until the weight of electric propulsion is way, way down, an EV Viper just doesn't make sense to me.

A Viper concept I'd like to see would be ICE with a fully composite body for absolute minimum weight. This would achieve some of the same environmental goals as an EV would while being more performance focused and the technology could be incorporated into other vehicles.
There's an EV 911 cabriolet conversion available. Not sure how much of a balancing act that car is. Maybe with the Ev conversion, it will be on par with what an EV Viper is capable of? That same company doing the 911s is partnering to do GT40s. That car is targeted to be under 3000lbs. I'll derail the thread no further, but we wont know until/if someone tries.
After considering your well articulated, deep and thoughtful analysis, I have completely changed my opinion.

I'm just teasing you.
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It should be clarified that to my knowledge none of these concepts have a production-ready or even production-like battery pack or drivetrain. It doesn't exist yet in Chrylser's porfolio lol, they're still designing the whole thing. I assume the production drivetrain will debut in the new Wagoneer EV before anything else, even though the Wagoneer has only been shown in renders.
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So what are they going to call the one where they put a stupid amount of power in it? The Hell-ectric Cat?
"The new 2027 Dodge Hellectric Hellcat. 1600 volts of Hellectricity! 1407hp! 0-60 in :mad:! And two fire extinguishers!"
Though unlikely, there seems to be a possibility that there will be an ICE version of the new Charger. Stellantis has confirmed that its straight-six engine fits just fine in the Charger EV's engine bay.