2024 World Endurance ChampionshipSports Cars 

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Mr. Valentino Rossi currently leading LMGT3!
You know, the more I look at the M4... hm... maybe, JUST maybe, this car is not really... ugly?

It's kinda pretty.
For the Road Car, the pig grilles are a bit goofy, but for the GT3, it makes the car A LOT more aggressive-looking.
For the Road Car, the pig grilles are a bit goofy, but for the GT3, it makes the car A LOT more aggressive-looking.
The road car (M3 and M4) is not ugly, it's just different. There are colours that benefit the car a lot more, and a slightly different grill, like the one in the CSL makes it better. The number plate in the front kinda helps a bit.
I'll need to search the stream again, but there's an amazing shot of the whole grid in the first few laps after Mulsanne. Something like this, but faster :lol:
The first lap when the hypercars drove pretty close to each other under the dunlop bridge was epic.
One of the Dames just span off. I think we had a good few hours, somethings telling me the attrition has started.

Edit: sorry just saw the replay she was hit.
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Goodness gracious. That just bumped them way down.
As for Lexus they’re moving up nicely with one of the highest top speeds of the class. Running down two Ferraris for P10. Still a long way to, but looking good.
I've never actually watched LM before, I'm ridiculously excited.

GT7 is to thank for it: was always just an F1 man, since getting into GT7 I've become much more interested in other forms of motorsport and now wondering why it took my 36 years to realise I loved it all. 🤷‍♂️
Great to hear :cheers:

I was never into endurance racing until I played GT as well, but my first (and alas, so far only) trip to Le Mans in 2014 with a bunch of GTPlaneteers was an amazing experience.

I'm still not exactly a veteran, but I've now been to the LM, Spa and Nurb 24h races (the latter just two weeks ago), and I am now officially a convert - I can heartily recommend visiting all of these three classic races, and I am hoping to be at the LM 24h next year to see the hypercars in the flesh. That said, my heart is with GT3 - and Spa and the Nurb were absolutely incredible for that.


I missed the start of the race as I was at my Dad's, but I'm at my Mum's tonight and she has Eurosport :D Bless her, she has gone to her bedroom to watch her usual Saturday night TV just so that I can watch the LM 24h on her big screen TV in her sitting room.