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Since the commentators mentioned Toyota has been pretty clean and trouble free so far, what misfortune will befall them this year? Reliability? Taken out by a Ferrari GT car?
Weather forecasts are still unsure for tomorrow morning (from 5:00 AM). Some shows heavy rain staying south of Le Mans, others are seeing it right over the track. The second option looks more reliable from what I can observe above the Atlantic.

Let's see..
This crew of mechanics around the #77 Mustang looks very voluntary, they worked a lot since the start of the race and never gave up. Beautiful.
Porsche had a starter battery in LMP1 which could keep the starter running for a full lap to have the chance limping back to the pits if fuel was empty or other shenanigans around the engine and prevent the Toyota last lap scenario one of the ex Porsche drivers told that in the german broadcast some hours ago (Audi too). Maybe some teams adapted it today.
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If the #78 doesn’t pit, it’ll probably be the first time Lexus leads a race at Le Mans.
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??? So what exactly is going on? I'm watching on Motortrend so I had a long commercial break after the safety car started. We really not gonna race in the rain?

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