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People who looked under the hood of their cars?
Yes, everything Louise asked the guy is of major relevance to people fiddling with their cars.

And, more to the point, if I want to know about Bosch, I'll go after a YouTube channel or something, not a goddamn 24h race.
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Ferrari possible technical infringement for cars #50 and #51

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The #91 is too strong. I think it’s got the win wrapped. Cant call the other positions. Will be really good for the mustangs if they can finish on podium.

Uh oh, more problems for Ferrari.
I kinda want Cadillac wins.

Will show even new comers that are not known for racing can win.
Maybe if this was 10 years ago. Cadillac has established their name back into motorsports in the last 7 years through 4 titles in IMSA.
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#2 Cadillac has lost the lead after the last pit stops, but could take it back if their rivals have to do a driver change.
Plus, 20 years ago battling Corvettes and Porsches in Speed World Challenge GT racing.


Edit: Well, that’s that. Lexus making mistakes since warm up and showed promise and pace. Hopefully they’ll finish the season strong.
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