24 Hour race?! Let's discuss please XD

Discussion in 'GT4 Race Reports' started by AE86Driver, Jan 19, 2005.

  1. AE86Driver


    Alright everyone. I know the 24 Hour Endurance Race has already been discussed in other threads,so please do not tell me,"Use the search button n00b!". I am just beginning this thread to discuss about it. Becuase I am planning on trying to take this Endurance Race on sometime soon. Well...my first idea or plan about this race was to race for 8 hours a day,three days in a row,leaving my PS2 on the whole time >_>;. I scratched that idea quickly,because I am kinda worried about the side effects of my PS2. Secondly,I thought,"Well..maaaaybe I can divide it up into two days,by racing 12 hours today,then tomorrow". Eh...ALSO a bad idea. Once again,I'd have to leave my PS2 on overnight,THEN I'd have to leave it on even longer while I'd be at school -.-'. Sooooo...I've come to the conclusion that I will perform the 24 Hour Endurance Race during ONE sitting @_@. I mean,sure,I'll take like a 5-10 minute break every 6 hours,but when I begin the race,I will not quit until I am finished..and rather than the prize money,my bigger reward that I will be looking forward to,will be sleep,hahaha. So..what I am wanting to discuss with you is,A. Has anybody done this so far? B. For all the people who has completed this race already,what did you do and what were the results afterwards? C. Do you really think I'll be able to do something like this? Everyone around me seems to keep telling me,"It isn't possible! Until I see you record it with a video camera,I won't believe it! Physically,you are prepared for it,but mentally..NO WAY!",so..what's your opinion? and D. Not to be selfish or anything here by saying this,but...do you think I would get some good recognition for doing something this crazy?! o.O!

    Thank you for your time


    ~Ja ne~
  2. Darts


    Oke, before you start already call 911 oke, so you don't die, just use b spec man!!
  3. Hun200kmh


    As I've stated elsewhere, I already made a 24 hour PS2 race, straight from 16:00 PM Saturday to 16:00 Sunday. This was in the Le Mans game, and I did it with friends, taking turns at the wheel.

    It is one of the best gaming experiences I've had to this date. And I'm looking forward to do it again this summer.

    However I don't think I will do that in GT4. This game has considerable flaws in simulating 24 hour races, and I guess the 2 hour "endurance" races in GT3 are the most I can endure without getting bored to death.

    But if you think you will get fun from racing the 24 hours GT4 races, I suggest you get some friends to share that experience with you. That's the way it should be done anyway, it takes a team of at least three drivers to engage in such races.
  4. dJomp


    I'm not sure if it's possible but it's one of the challenges I'm looking forward to, that's for sure.

    My plan is to do it over a weekend, 24 hours straight. The LeMans one might just start at 4pm Saturday afternoon, too ;-)

    Yeah you could use B-spec mode to help out, but I think the challenge will be worth it.
  5. Egghead


    offtopic :

    I completed the last 5 endurance with cheats. Hell, i'm not going to cook my PS2/GT4 for something i don't like.
  6. Twc


    I´m planning to get 3 of my friends on it so we got 3 ps2´s and 3 TV´s... then we start playing and after 2 hours we rotate so there will always be 3 playing and 1 having a 2 hour break so he can sleep and such...

    But if i had to do it alone i think i would complete 1 of em in a-spec and rest in B-spec... depends if it´s possible to save in pit. if it is i will take em all in a-spec i think.
  7. KSpeed


    I'm sorry to say.. that I did two 24Hours race... and I used B - Spec for both of them...

    One of the race was at Nurburgring... you'll do two laps.. and it will wear you out... :indiff:

    It would be great if you can switch from A spec to B spec during the race... does anyone know if it's possible?

    I've left my PS2 on for 3 days straight with out a problem...
  8. cjrciadt


    Thanks for assurance KSpeed! Its either go for it with for 24 hours, B-Spec it or dont do it at all (AR or Sharkport) I'll try it for the fun of it the first time to see how far I can go.Then make a decision on how to win the other Enduro's
  9. kensei


    I wouldn't worry about your PS2. Since I got GT4 almost 2 weeks ago my new NTSC-J slim PS2 has been on 12-14 hours a day each day, no worries.

    I drove the Nurburgring 4 hour race, broke that up in four 1 hour sessions over an afternoon. I love the Nordcschleife so I enjoyed it.

    Personally I think 24 hour races a F@^&ing stupid in a video game. A real 24 hour endurance race is amazing, split up over 2-3 drivers with a team support.

    As greating as GT4 is it isn't close to real racing....

    All this being said I don't know what I'll do about the 24hour races. I don't think I can endure 24 hours in the same race. B-spec'ing it may be the only option, which is a shame IMO.
  10. exitspeed


    You shouldn't have a problem leaving your PS2 on for that long. I used to do it while playing tokyo Extreme Racer 0 and 3...
  11. TheCracker

    TheCracker Premium

    South Korea
    Does B-spec work only in 'real time' or can you speed the time scale up as well?
  12. VT


    You can speed up B-Spec to a factor of 3x I believe. Making it take 8 hours to do one of the 24 hour enduro's.

    I will be doing the all the enduro's myself most likely, no B-Spec mode. Just 3 friends taking 2 hour shifts or so. Although I may end up B-Spec-ing one of them. I will not, however, cheat my way through them with a sharkport or w/e. Why even get the game if you're going to cheat through it?
  13. DRT2RM


    I have one of the original Japanese PS2's and just yesterday I left my PS2 on over 24 hours for the Nurburgring 24 hour race (using B-Spec) and without turning it off am currently going through the 10 Formula GT races. The console should handle being on for a long period of time without any problems.
  14. Touring Mars

    Touring Mars Moderator

    United Kingdom
    If anyone in the London/SE England area would like an experienced GT co-driver, and would be prepared to reciprocate, then I'd be up for joining them in completing a 24 hour race in A-Spec mode (when the game is finally released anyway!).... with three drivers, you can easily do 4 hours on, 8 hours off, just like the real LM 24hr races...

    Any takers can always PM me nearer the time (i.e. after the game has come out)...

    At present, I plan to invite myself round to my mate's house, who has recently bought a projector, and set up my DFP to play GT4 all night... sadly, they are not GT players, and doing a 24 hr enduro with complete beginners is a bad idea... :sick:

  15. Plopper


    Do you guys think there will be any chance of a Gameshark/AR2 type code that will allow you to save at any time?

    Personally I think if PD don't do it for the US/Euro release of the game nobody will be able to do it, I would think the game would just crash on trying to load it up again, but I'm wondering if it's possible.

    I wan't to do all the LOOOONNNNGGGG races in real time in A-Spec, and I have two PS2s, so I'll just use the older, none modded one to do the 24 hour races and leave it on over many days.

    I have done a 24 hour race a couple of times before, once in Le Mans for the Dreamcast, but you could save every time you came into the pits with that, I can't think why PD have left this out?

    The only problem I can think of is something going wrong with the power, or more likely the game locking up or crashing, I know there hasn't been any reports of that sort of thing, but when I first got GT3 I played it for 12+ hours without a reset and it froze. GTA: SA and most big games do the same if you leave them on for long enough things just keep going wrong.

    One thing I would like to ask, firstly the people who have done a 24 hour race and then the people like me who intend to do them in A-Spec, are you all going to do them in a car you know for a fact is fast enough to win easiely, or are you going to chance having a good race but loose?

    Personally I couldn't see myself re-doing a 24 hour race after loosing, well I'd have to retreive the PS2 from the garden after frowing it through the window to start with???
  16. stumpydino


    24 hour races, i really cant be bothered. id like to say i would go do em but i know after about 4 hours id lose interest
  17. SimRaceDriver


    United States
    Personally, I'm really looking forward to the 24 hour enduros, though I'm not sure how I'm going to tackle them when the opportunity comes around...though I have been able to get two or three friends over in the past for a few 2 hour enduros in GT3.

    As mentioned by Touring Mars, I'd be interested in meeting up w/some other drivers in my neck of the woods (Northern California, Silicon Valley Area) to complete one or all of the 24 hour races once the game is released here in the U.S.

    And for what it's worth AE86Driver...I'd not worry about your PS2 being on for that long, as it's a rare incident for it to crash/freeze during game play...even then when it does, I'd bet it's almost always related to the game itself & not your actual PS2.

    Plus..if you really want to, just pull into the pits, pause the game, turn off your TV (NOT the PS2) and go do something else for a bit or if needed, get some sleep for a few short hours & come back to continue racing.

    Personally speaking, I think the 24 hour race at the Nurburgring would be the ideal way to really get acquainted with that track in the least amout of time! LOL!

    Let us know what you eventually decide to do...

    Good Luck!
  18. Mines_96Legacy


    hehe, I wouldnt worry about the ps2 burning out... My dorm roommate and I have left our ps2 on with gt3 loaded for more than a month because it was nearly impossible to get gt3 to load in the first place because of a scratch. Just make sure its nicely ventilated.

    ps2 = computer, and computers have the tendancy to stay up for days, weeks, months.

    I plan to race the 24 over the course of a few days.
  19. 05_Stang


    AE86 I don't think you would get much recognition for doing somthing like this. I think this for the simple fact that there will lots and lots of people who are hardcore GT racers and will not only never touch B-spec mode and drive each 24 hour race in A-spec. They will do it at the max 200 possible A-spec points. Meaning they will be in a way under powered car and will have to actually be attentive all 24hours.

    That is just my opinion tho. I plan to run atleast one 24-hour in A-spec mode, probably the Nurb, and there is no way I am risking 24-hours with an underpowered car.
  20. Pink_the_Floyd

    Pink_the_Floyd (Banned)

    No B-Spec. no 24h racing for me :tup:
  21. AE86Driver


    Thanks a lot for your replies so far everybody ^.^! After talking to a couple of my friends,I've realized that they have also left their PS2 on for a couple of days,and...no problem. I just wish I had someone to partner up with kinda,cause 24 hours by myself on the saaaaame course..OVER..and OVER..and OVER probably would get reeeeeeally boring/tiring x_x. So..I will be competing tomorrow,beginning at 3:00 P.M.,Saturday,January 22nd,2005. I believe after completing this,I will realize how much it actually means to me. I've been hearing a lot of people use B-Spec Mode for this and just speed it up,but I do plan on taking on all three 24 hour endurance races in A-Spec Mode. One of the races will be done with my R32,which I completed the 4 hour race at Nurburgring and that was a pain o.o. My results for that race are:

    4 Hour Race Results

    Drinks: 1
    CDs listened to: 4 (I listen to my cd player usually when playing GT,so I listened to 4 full cds)
    breaks taken: 1 (comeon man..give me a break..haven't you ever heard of a p*ss break?lol)

    Car Driven: BNR32

    Time Started: 8:27 P.M.
    Time Finished: 12:31 A.M

    #of laps completed: 31
    Avg. time for laps: 7'30
    Best Lap Time: 7'25.732
    Avg Speed: 215 km/h
    Pits: 10 total times,every 3 laps


    and there ya have it. So I may race there with my R32 for the 24 Hour Race. On one of the other 24 Hour Races,I intend to use my AE86 (Shuichi Shigeno Version) and on the last 24 Hour Endurance Race,I haven't decided on which car I'll use for it. Maybe if I have enough prize money by that time,I'll buy my 787B FINALLY,then go beat it with that? Nah..probably not actually..cause no matter what car you have,it's not gonna speed up the time -.-'. You HAVE to complete 24 HOURS no matter WHAT car you're in ~_~. Oh well..I'll think of something,but anyways...is it just me or does this seem like a lot of pressure on just one person to perform this race in A-Spec Mode? I don't know..it may just be me,but..ever since I've been counting down the days since like,day 3..to the 24 Hour Endurance Race,I've been feeling kinda nervous..like,"Ahhhh,I'm not exactly sooo sure I wanna do this now....eh....hmmmm". *shrugs* oh well..it's tomorrow,and that's all there is to it. I'm going to take anywhere between a 5-15 minute break every 6 hours and no breaks for sleep until AFTER I have finished the race. Eh...I know it may not seem like an accomplishment to you guys,from the sounds of it...but I will DEFINITELY feel as if I have accomplished something..for sure..


    ~Ja ne~
  22. Wykid One

    Wykid One

    That's what I'm doing. Hitin' up acouple of friend, pulling out the DFP wheel and going for GOLD!

  23. Delirious

    Delirious Premium

    im sorry, im a newb still to this b-spec mode...what exactly is it and what does it do?
  24. 05_Stang


    Hope to see pictures and and hear the final outcome, AE86. Good luck!
  25. cisobe


    you know what would really suck... you do the 24 hour enduro and at 23:50 something the power goes out.... or or... you end up 2nd or third... :p
  26. Touring Mars

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    United Kingdom
    New rule... 1 drink, 1 pee.... :D
  27. Moadib


    Didn't you ever read Viz? The only mark of a real man is no peeing allowed until AFTER the 10th pint of the evening....

    <scratches head, wondering if the Nordschleife would seem easier or tougher after ten pints......>
  28. LoudMusic


    United States
    I think it would be fun to get four teams of at least two guys and do iLink for a minimum of an eight hour race. You'd have to spend some time figuring out which drivers would be on which teams driving which cars, but if you gathered up all the info you should be able to build some competative teams. Then sixty laps of the Ring, divided evenly amongst your team. That should be pretty awesome (:
  29. T100


    I played my GT3 when I first got it...about forever ago my ps2 was on for like 50 hours straight with no problems, as long as your room is about 70*F, you will be fine for a really long time.
  30. GT-One Lover

    GT-One Lover

    does such a 24h race take just 8 hours in B-Spec?...i heard it somewhere before and now want to get a real answer!
    so in B-Spec the "real time" is ruffed(A-Spec:24h---B-Spec:8h)???