24 Minutes of Nürburgring

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This is the only thing that is stopping me from having all the stars unlocked!

Can anyone help me by giving me advice on what car to use for this? any tune for a specific car?

Any help would be appreciated :)
This is the only thing that is stopping me from having all the stars unlocked!

Can anyone help me by giving me advice on what car to use for this? any tune for a specific car?

Any help would be appreciated :)[/quote

Just use a racecar with 600 pp and stay the whole race on racing hard tyres. Don't switch to rain tyres because you can run the whole race on racing hard even if the weather is up to 100 %. I used the r8 lms ultra (stock) and had no problem keeping the field behind me and i'm really not the best driver on the Planet. Sorry for bad english.
I did this one in a scirocco touring car. I raced on race hards, with made it possible to do it without pitstops. The AI pitted for inters. I won by quite a margin
I've done it twice. Once in the GT-R GT3 Schulze Motorsports with stock power (just oil change) and the Mazda Furai again just an oil change, but full aero. I did them both on RH no pit stops. Was easy, but most fun in the Furai.
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Just keep the dry tires. As in GT5, rain tires are useless. I used the BMW GT2. You'll have to stop for fuel though.
Wet tires I don´t understand why they are in here with this broken tire modelling. I have wasted like 100.000 CR on different cars thinking they must have some use.

On some light cars soft racing tires is very viable. Caterham or light rocket should never really need hard tires. Caterham is more fun so recommend that. You can tune it fully without breaking the car.

I don´t quite recall which car I won that event with it´s not hard at all if you know the track. GT40 LM II prototype or what it´s called is one of the few MR cars that is not broken it works great.

Tuned Caterham has been a push to win button on other Super events I run it at. Light nimble easy cars that also happens to be light on tires/fuel is the easy way to victory.
This is the only thing that is stopping me from having all the stars unlocked!

Can anyone help me by giving me advice on what car to use for this? any tune for a specific car?

Any help would be appreciated :)
Just use the Rocket.
You dont need to pit, and as long as you keep on the track, its an easy win.


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Use the McLaren F1 Stealth, start on rain tires, then when you pit for gas, switch to race softs and go for the win. You can also use the SLS AMG Stealth with a similar setup
Took the R18, RS or RH tires, no matter which. One pit in 3rd lap, 10L fuel, there it goes. Finished race 3mins+ ahead.
GT500 STEALTH NISSAN, first lap on (turn) eaglemountain i was first and won the race easely!
racing soft tyres tc off and asm on in the rain!

the second lap in the rain you have to slow down on your slicks,just follow the racingline and better brake a litle bit more then go of in to the gras or gravel

before the last lap you have to pit otherwise you dont make it with your fuel and tyres!
the last lap is dry and when you leave the pit they wil enter the pit or race on the long straigt so you have plenty of time to finisch in first.
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you don't have to drive aggressive in your choice of LMP / GT class car,

just cruise and drive clean and relaxed, your way to victory by over a minute win

by the time you are done with your 3 laps, as the AI will basically 'give up' and note they will seem to stall on the map as soon as you pass 1st place. I did in in a 660 pp Audi R18, just raise the IT, and raise ride heights lots to minimize dangerous car behavior as you cruise along. take your time to pass each bowling pin safely.

Don't let the night driving discourage you, it is actually 200% driveable in GT6, unlike 25% in GT5.
Not sure if this is too late to jump in, but I finished this with Red Bull X2014 Junior with ease - did it with DS3, AT(!), all aids off except ABS 1, IM tyres (finally get to use it on track and event that is competitive).

Only thing that I changed were transmission (Max speed = max / 320 km/h), and Ballast weight = max (200 kg) @ position 2% (maintaining F/R Weight Distribution at 46:54).

The car has low HP and it accelerates relatively slow. Yet, the car is extremely stable and turn pretty most of the corners without much breaking (except 2 right turns that are almost 90 degrees). As I drove this car in AT, I try to maintain my pace around corners.

As far as I can recall, I finished the 1st lap at 6th, and immediately became 2nd as the AI pits, and take the lead at 2 minutes 15 seconds into the 2nd lap. Lead all the way to the end without going into the pit. Winning the 2nd place with a ~36 seconds gap.

The only cost is really just that intermediate rain tyres, which was $29500 (?)
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Audi R18, reduced the power limiter a bit after installing Stage 1 Turbo. I used Racing Medium Tyres for this race. A cool race if you ask me. :)
I did it a few times with the Cusco GT300 Impreza with the stage 3 engine upgrade.
Run racing softs and stay on it for the whole race even if it starts raining.
Pit after 2 laps. Win comfortably by over a minute.

Make most of your time in the corners because this thing literally handles like its on rails.
The key is to keep calm when it starts to get dark and raining, keep a smooth line and you'll be fine! =)
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I used the X2010 Junior and didn't have to pit once, you'll be behind for most of the race but don't worry just keep driving.
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HBR Roadhog
I used the CLK Touring Car, RH tires no pit, no problem, just have to drive careful when the road is wet. The AI will all pit so even if you are a bit behind it should still be easy


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I used the BMW Z4 GT3. Didn't go to inters but did need fuel.
I did it in M3 GT and started on Inters and when I stopped for fuel I went to race hard....

I am actually happy that this is only a 650pp race with mostly GT cars since thats how the actual race(24 hour one) in real life...not the LMP/Group C race like all the previous GT games...made it less stressful...
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I used a stock HDi base model (thought AI had better cars) on racing hards the whole race (because I forgot to buy intermediate/rain :irked:). 1 pit stop after 2nd lap for more fuel (total of 3 laps). It was quite a challenge to drive in pitch black 100% wet conditions. Headlights didn't light up the road properly.
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I have won this race numerous times in cars such as Jaguar XJ22O LM Race Car, Honda HSV Base model and the Eneos SC430. Just keep on racing mediums and pit on lap 2. Walk in the park
Easy win with a FTO ST.
Dont use rain tyres. The ai pits to change tyres after the first lap. Its not even a race from then on.