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Discussion in 'GT2 Settings & Tunings' started by Zero, Sep 30, 2001.

  1. Zero


    I need settings 4 the 3000GT MR!
  2. danpollard


    Ill get onto it...
  3. Cheezie-E


    I have some settings that work with any car. I used these to make a Viper go 230 in 5th gear! It's a 6 speed if you don't know that. That's pretty quick
    Follow these settings 1. Buy all the racing parts R transmission, Full Costomizable suspension, and the TCS controller and the other 50,000 dollar upgrade.
    2. Put Spring settings down all the way and also put ride height down all the way.
    3. Open up every gear and put down the Final gear all the way. Put auto settings up all the way.
    4. Put the Tcs controller down all the way and the other one you bought down all the way.
    5. Make sure after every time you change a setting that you hit x and not box or triangle. If you hit box or triangle you will make no change they will go back the way they were.
    That's it these should work if not let me know and if you find something better let me know
  4. Dudebusta


    thats ok if you want top speed but maybe zero wants a road car lol.

    all my cars have full spring rate (makes it rigid as hell)
    lowest body hight (less spring movement in corners)
    lowest bound and rebound ('' '' '' '' '')
    full stabiliser (no body roll)
    no camber (full grip at all times)
    -10 toe on front (will turn easier)
    13 - 17 automatic gear set up (mix of top speed and accelleration)
    full traction control (less wheelspin with high powered cars on takeoff)
    about 1/2 downforce (gives you speed down the straight and still sticks in corners.)

    works for me. really hard car that takes hairpins piss easy at decent speeds.
  5. troy

    troy (Banned)

    i never liked the 3000gt
  6. Dudebusta


    its fun to drift but other than that its got nothin lol.