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Discussion in 'GT4 Drifting' started by driveanyway =p, Jan 26, 2006.

  1. driveanyway =p

    driveanyway =p

    Hay every one it's me i havent posted in a while.But is 4wd and FF drifting really drifting i can hardly drift FR's any more cause i need practice but FF's and 4wd are 2 easy 2 drift well just wat do u think Hmmmmmm.
  2. nk4e


    You need to start with FR's because AWD and FF drifting is a bit advance, but AWd is consider drifting because it has the same exact conditions as an FR but you need a bit more power to lose the traction. The perks from the AWD that is you get to regain the drift back if you go over it. I don't know if FF is to others but in my terms it is.
  3. FaLLeNAn9eL


    acctually, i started with AWD. :eek: does that make me werid o.O
  4. identti


    With Awd drifts once you've initiated the drift, you just modulate the power, but don't need much steering.
  5. TonkaT


    Ive always found 4wd/awd much easier to drift with, mainly because i found the front wheels can help pull you out of the drift!!
  6. ForcedInduction


    I agree. FR drivetrain is a lot harder to learn on...

    But the AWD drivetrain is not "Too Easy To Drift" as you stated...

    AWD focuses more on the line you take and also throttle modulation.

    I just have to laugh at people who say AWD is "too easy". sorry. :lol:
  7. vinsion


    AWD, FR, and FF 'drifting' are entirely different things. Sorry NK, but AWD is not the exact same conditions as FR, they are entirely different. At first, AWD may feel similar to FR, but it's the subtleties that make is so different.

    I've been saying for a long time on here that FF 'drifting' is not drifting at all. Yes, there is such a thing as e-braking the car around corners, and some do call that drifting, even I call it drifting (now I'm sounding contradictory), but only because there really isn't a better term for it, assdragging doesn't count.

    FR is the core of drifting. It is the most commonly used setup, and last I checked AWD isn't allowing the D1. Yes there are a few AWD cars in D1, but they are currently the front section of the drivetrain to make all the wheels go round. All the AWD cars in D1 have been converted to FR, a simple process of removing the front section of the driveshaft, the front diff., and the front CV shafts.

    AWD is considered by the veteran drifters to be a bit harder than FR, as far as tuning goes. When it comes to the actual process of gettting the car sideways, I believe AWD is a bit trickier, and requires a better foundation of skill to master (over FR).

    I like AWD more than FR in general, but FR is the easier setup to just get out there and drift with, especially the bone stock S14.
  8. venomGT4



    well said :tup: i think it all depends on what car you choose to start with, as i chose to start with an awd skyline.. i prefer awd over fr. it is quite a bit trickier to tune as i had a lot of problems when i first started out.

    also, i dont think that there are any true awd drift cars in D1, as vinsion said they just convert them to rwd, a perfect example is the yukes wrx which uses a skyline gtr rearend.
  9. Rex_Minorstein


    There really is no written rule about what is or is not drifting. but the general consensis is that FR cars are the only true drift car, which i do agree with, most drifter use FR car and most of the AWD/4WD drive cars you see drifting go through drivetrain modifications to become a FR car. and the word drift in the automotive world means pretty much: to power a car sideways and maintain being sideways trough the duration of a corner, not anything about drivetrain

    As difficulty goes its really 2 seprate playing fields

    -FR- takes major throttle and counter-steer control and is a bit easier to maintain a smooth line.but also more difficult to build and keep momentum (speed) and recover a car from a bad movement.

    -AWD/4WD- is easier to initiate a drift but takes quite a bit more controll to maintain the drift, and much more skill to keep a smooth line. but at the same time recovery is much easier than with a FR car.

    As for FF cars its kinda.....a bit like........ yea assdragging
    which can be pretty difficult because of the zero grip state the rear tires are in with locked up brakes, quite unpredictable but can be controled with some practice. but really not drifting because the drive wheels themselves dont maintain the drift.

    I hope this maby helped some people out with drivetrain choice as well as cleared up the FR vs 4WD/AWD/FF battle but.....:idea:...........probly not lol, but we are all here to have fun anyways right?
  10. No_Charge_No


    a driving technique and to a motorsport where the driver intentionally over steers, causing loss of traction in the REAR WHEELS through turns. i think you cant call i drifting if its a FWD, thats called TECHNICALLY called powersliding and therefore can be drifting. But you can think what you wan. Your in titled to your opinion
  11. nk4e


    Just to let you guys know that this is not GT5 but,
    please read.
    Forceinduction,is absolutely correct about how AWD works. Though I do trust what he says.