500+whp R33 400R not hitting 200mph

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  1. I have a yellow R33 nismo 400r and its all done up, but i dont get why it doesnt blow past 200 mph....Iv done everything with the tranny, i put the 6 gear ratio all the way back but it doesnt want to go. I have the first to weight reduction upgrades but i dont want to totally gut the car. Theres other cars that i have and they have alittle bit under 500hp and there hitting 200.One the event i was do is the track meet at one of the tracks that has the long straight way at the world circuit tracks....You could compete with cars that have the same(more or less) horse power then you and you just hit top speed. But when i run my 400R i just stays around 193mph

    I just want to know if anyone has the same problem that i have this skyline.All my other cars act fine but this one is funny.... :drool:
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    I think you've just asked more or less the right person... Being a Skyline lover and a 300mph+ driver I might be able to help you out! It'd be a great help if you posted up every setting you've changed, and if you could tell me how far the revs are from the redline in top gear it'd be useful.

    Let me know and I'll see what I can do for ya :tup:

    EDIT - My 400Rs black... :drool: better in championship blue though!

  3. Greycap

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    Ehh... As far as I know you can only get it in yellow, red, black and silver. :odd: Tell me if I missed something.
  4. i have the same problem with my 400r. i take it to fuji 80s, race ready completely tuned, and i top out, without nos at about 186-190mph. i thought i tried almost everything. :mad:

    any help with this car would be great.
  5. Rac3rX


    Nismo 400R

    __________ (Race)






    ASM over______0
    ASM under_____0

    Dont forget to get a Oil Change and Car Wash. ;)

    Here, These are good for 200mph without NoS and about 215mph with NoS its NOT a Top Speed set up But a Race Set up Hope you enjoy
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    No you didn't miss anything in the game. You can't get the Championship Blue 400R in GT4, but in real life NisMo made one in that color. It's still around somewhere... And it looks like this:

    See what I mean? :drool: sweet... Wish PD had put it in the game.

    Nice one with the settings Rac3r, I'll try them out in the near future :tup:

  7. What is the glitch a car wash does? I only know the oil change one.
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    That's kind of off-topic... I'm not entirely sure, I didn't think there was one. What exactly do you call the oil change glitch?

  9. Well my 400R tops off at 187 at around 6,500 rpm....I just dont get it, why doesnt this thing hit 200mph....see if you can help me Dark elite
  10. niky

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    Is he talking about the extra hp from the oil change? That's not a glitch.

    And the car wash thing isn't a glitch either. A dirty car loses a few mph off the top speed (at least, that happened in GT3... since I don't tune for top speed in GT4, I don't know if this still happens)... when you wash your car, it becomes a little more slippery, and you gain some top end speed.
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    No I know the extra power is what would happen.. Also I know that losing speed from dirt would happen, because it creates drag but I didn't know the game was as realistic as to take it into account :dopey: all my 300mph cars need washing right now :p

    Driftking, the car wants to be as low as possible, with the springs as soft as they'll go, and try to get the gears so that she's in top just about to hit the limiter at the end of the straight. Let me know :tup:

  12. Rac3rX


    if your car has 650 to 750 miles on her, get a New one as HP loss kicks in arround there.

    Get a Oil Change and Car wash

    AND the Settings I already posted make her go 200mph No/NoS & 215mph With Nos

    Auto & manual Trasmissions both get the same results
  13. Submerged

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    This may be slightly irrelevant to the topic, but doesn't the car have a weird power band?

    In stock form, (not sure on tuned, as i hadn't tried it), i had to change the gear at WAY before the rev limitor, almost like 2,500 to 3,000 revs before the limitor! (limitor being the light that comes on).

    That i found helped to get the best performance out of the car.

    If that is the case, then you may have to really look into the powerband and gear the car right for it to hit 200 + mph.

    (Got mine in Yellow....;))
  14. absolutely right submerged. You have to study the torque/power curves and see how it drops off at higher revs, then account for this in your tune up and driving style.

    They are trying to simulate the 400R's increased capacity (bored out to 2.8 IIRC) that leads to more torque low down but less tendancy to want to rev.

    As far as I know it was never actually available in championship blue. Great car although the R33's suffer in this game :(
  15. TeamQuick


    I thought so too, untill I got me a White low milleage '97 R33 N1. And DAME the Skyling Ive loved for so long is Back!

    THe R32's are better in this game then they have ever been.

    And the Settings Posted do what they say 200mph without any Nitrous, and 215mph with the bottle.
  16. is that 400r in the uk? :drool::drool: i want it!
  17. nd 4 holden spd


    Submerged tree'd me, but he's right. This car has severe power drop off.
  18. VTiRoj

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    UK plates, so it must of been imported. :tup:

    The 400R is trash in GT4, weird powerband, 5 gears, barely any power for what it is. Your best off with a normal R33 for racing, and keep a 400R for looking at.

    I have every colour 400R, so ner :sly:
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    nice thread revival, guys.. :lol: 3 years..
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    Crap, I didn't even see that :lol: That means that Submerged tree'd me by 3yrs, I must be typing slower every day :scared:
    Let this thread drop back into oblivion I say.
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    Now now, it was the new member that did it Leo, be nice.
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    Mafs, the sad bit is that they didn't notice the resurrection. When I see a thread that already has 10+ posts in it that I previously hadn't seen, I instantly think "resurrection".
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    We know we know, but this is Holdenboy we're talking about. All GM car owners have that instant 50 IQ point drop the second they sit in one. ;):lol:

    And Honda lovers, well.......that's a 100 point drop. :lol:
  24. Greycap

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    Not quite as trash as you may think. The powerband is the normal R33 one but the higher redline is fooling you, shift at 8000 rpm like with the RB26DETT and it'll do well. The five speed gearbox is correct. It runs easily away from a normal R33 but isn't the supercar people think it should be. The point here is that people are wrong.
  25. Street Racer 77

    Germany Germany at Nürburgring

    I have for my 400R an real le mans setting from the oreca viper!!!!! 211 mph and a very good acceleration!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ps. my english isn´t so good, because i´m from germany
  26. Dark Elite


    The real reason I tend to avoid the 400R these days is that it's not as tuneable at the top end as the 'normal' R33s, and sounds somewhat... Interesting... from inside :p

    The 400R still hasn't been mentioned in the 300mph Club thread, which backs up its lack of high-level capability. However, it works nicely for photos and simply being a bit more like the GT-R33 should've been standard.

    Nice to see that the photo I found was sufficient to bring about a two-and-a-half-year necromancing :lol:

    Entschuldigung: mein Deutsch ist nicht so gut, weil ich aus England komme :)

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    :lol: Good call Mr.300mph. :D

    I might have a crack and see if I can do a circuit tune that hits the 350km/h mark (218mph) along Le Sarthe II. But I might use a bit of nitrous on this puppy still. I'll keep this logged down on my 'to do' list.

    Can I just say, what a load of BS this whole exercise has been at the moment. Pretty much pointless so far with the test track........

    Stock gearbox, 677hp (S4 turbo + oil change) = 334.11km/h (just over 208mph)
    Stock gearbox, 677hp + 40hp NOS = 352.19km/h (around 219mph)
    Stock gearbox, 677hp + 70hp NOS = 360.78km/h (around 224mph)

    All this was done on R5 tyres with no aids whatsoever. 1/4 mile times were in the 10.5 second range too.

    I'll fit a 6 speed gearbox now to see what I can do with it, but I think that I'll be nearing the 400km/h mark (near 250mph) now after this initial test. We shall see. I'll be back with more.....

    Apologies for the triple post (don't shoot me mods), I've got some final figures to this conumdrum.

    Well, after realising I could only stick with a 5spd :yuck:, I fine tuned the settings for the 400R. I ended up with a 341.19km/h top speed without nitrous, and 378.81km/h with the 70hp shot. This was done with the stock 4.111 final ratio, using a 0.700 5th gear ratio and slightly longer ratios inbetween. 1/4 mile performance suffered as a result (10.8sec 1/4's now), but was good enough still to belt the best of the JGTC's and LM Spec Road Cars around Le Sarthe on race rubber.