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Does anybody know what Dire Straits are doing these days? I was (and still am) a fan of they're music. Personally, I feel that Marc Knopfler is one of the most talented solo guitarists ever. His instrumental breaks in DS songs with him on the guitar could last for ages - possibly too long for some people - but they never got boring, were always inventive, and being a fan I could listen to them over and over. Everybody knows DS songs like Money For Nothing, Walk Of Life, or Sultans Of Swing. But there are some gems like It Never Rains, Portobello Belle, The Man's Too Strong, or the epic Telegraph Road(currently my favourite song of all time - all 15 minutes of it!)that never got the recognition they deserve. Knopfler could actually use his skill on the guitar to tell the story of the song he is playing. Iv heard him do stuff that no other artist can match. I know he is still doing well, but what about the rest of the group? Ant chance of a reuinion? Any info please!