9 hours of Kyalami Xbox for charity

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United Kingdom
United Kingdom
I am one of the moderators and organizers in IXRacing (Intercontinental Xbox Racing) which is a community founded by five simracing enthusiasts just during the ACC release on consoles. It has grown incredibly and we have over 350 people at Discord and we run many leagues with the main one having three divisions (60 people).

So now to the point - on December 5th we are going to do the biggest Endurance race so far on the consoles - 9h of Kyalami. As you know it is slightly more complicated because the consoles do not support driver swaps and the maximum number of people in the lobby is 20. Therefore, there will be 4 consecutive 2h15m races that will simulate individual stints, there will also be two separate divisions, so a total of 40 teams will participate . Undoubtedly, some of the fastest racers on the consoles will be participating.

The goal of this race is, firstly, charity - the whole event will be streamed and we'll be raising money for the American Red Cross (goal is $ 1000) and secondly - to show that there is also a market on consoles and a lot of fast drivers are out there. I wanted to ask if you could help us a little with sharing, or advise some good steps or contacts that would help us get it among more people to raise as much money for a good cause.
I'll drop a few links down below so you can see who we really are, if you're interested about the event or if you have any questions, I'll be more than happy to answer them.

Event info: https://ixracing.net/9h-of-kyalami-5-12
Our Discord: https://discord.gg/BBPBMt7
Thank you very much for any kind of response,